You will need
    • flour – 500g;
    • butter – 75g;
    • 10g. dry yeast;
    • a glass of milk;
    • a couple of eggs;
    • 1/2 teaspoon of salt;
    • 1 teaspoon of sugar;
    • a bit of vanilla to taste.
Most often for cooking pies using fluffy and soft the dough with yeast. The quality of the resulting test depends on the products that are used for its preparation. To knead the dough, be sure to use fresh milk, butter or margarine, salt, sugar, eggs and of course, flour. We have to carefully approach the choice of yeast: their color should not be too dark, and the smell a bit to give the alcohol. Yeast dark colors will output a dry and flaccid dough. There is a simple method to check the quality of yeast: a portion of the dough is necessary to shower a small amount of flour. Half an hour should show the cracks, and if that did not happen, the yeast is stale.
When choosing flour pay attention to her gluten and color. The lighter, whiter flour, the higher its quality. Gluten flour is high quality should be above 24% - this figure is indicated by the manufacturers on the packaging.
The standard recipe is pretty simple dough: flour – 500 grams butter – 75 grams, 10 grams of dry yeast, a glass of milk, a couple eggs, half teaspoon salt, half tablespoon sugar, a little vanilla to taste.
All products for the dough should be of medium at room temperature. Milk if necessary, you can substitute water or yogurt. If you decide to use water, it is better to take soda - the dough will be more airy.
Flour need to sift - it will fill it with oxygen, which will increase the quality of the test.
The sugar in the dough you need to add very carefully. If you overdo it, the dough will not be very lush and can easily burn. Also watch the number of vanillin and soda – their excess, imparts an ugly color and odor.
Components for the dough should be properly mixed together. The flour must first be mixed with the vanilla, then enter the yeast, salt, sugar, eggs and milk. If you want to make the dough more crumbly, add only the egg yolks, without the whites.
After all components are mixed together, the dough must be covered with a towel and then put in a warm place. Wait until the dough rises, Pomezia it thoroughly with your hands, add a little oil. Again cover the dough with a towel, leave in a warm place. Allow the dough to rise well, but don't overdo it. After its volume will be doubled, you can start making the pie.