Start the day with a smile. Remember when little man is born, he's astonished eyes looks around and smiles, welcoming the world. Waking up in the morning, take the time to get up and do morning things. Instead stretch in bed and smile to yourself and the world around you. During the day, try to smile more often, maybe at first it will be slightly forced, but soon you get used to it and begin to notice that the world began to change and be filled with the bright colors of life.
During the day, find a reason to celebrate. No need to wait any special event, quite good weather, a beautiful flower or the smile of a passerby. Appreciate what you have and then you will get a lot more than you expect.
Ask yourself the question of how to make the day memorable? Done in this direction will allow you to not only useful and fun to spend the day, but also to experience joy.
Put in a day or several days a small goals, to make efforts to implement them, you will receive satisfaction and joy.
Every happening event, pay attention to the positive side. "Blessing in disguise" - an old saying is in this case.
A good way to fill your life with joy, to engage in creative activities. Think about it, maybe you've always wanted to learn to paint landscapes? It's time to realize a dream.
During the day, to set the mood, remember the happy moments of your life. This can be your wedding, graduation, your child laughing or a moment of its own success – each of us has memories that worked perfectly in this situation.
Finally, if you just learn to enjoy each day failed, it is not necessary to dwell on this, it is better to think: "Yes, today it didn't work, but I will achieve this tomorrow." You will certainly be able to do it, to be sure.