Advice 1: How to alter a fur coat of mink

Mink coat – the dream of almost any woman. But what if your favorite fur has become large or in a prominent place formed a serious defect? There is a solution. Parasyte coat, and she will again be perfect to sit on your figure and delight with its elegant appearance.
How to alter a fur coat of mink
You will need
  • - sewing supplies
Before starting to work try on a fur coat. Decide where you want to cut (shorten, replace damaged parts, etc.). During preliminary calculations, remember that a fur coat is a type of clothing, having to sit on the person is relatively free (so you not only stand and walk but also to sit). Also in winter we often wear an extra sweater, jacket. So after all your transformations coat should match all these requirements.
Mink coats are made of separate skins. But these skins are so well connected that it seems as if a coat consists of a single piece of fur. So if you decided to alter a fur coat of mink alone, then, first strut lining. The only way you will be able to see the seams connecting the many mink pelts.
Your further actions depend on the initial concept. If you want to take in a fur coat, strut sewn together the pieces of fur in places, marked by dashed lines in Fig.1. Cut the excess fur. Baste (very carefully) pieces of fur back to each other. Try on a fur coat. If the item sits well on you, the buttons are easily fastened even with a sweater, a ripped shivaite elements between a capital (this can be done both manually and by sewing machine).
If you want to shorten the coat, the thrust lining, cut the necessary amount of fur. Consider the seam (have fur they can reach up to 3cm).
And in case of damage of individual parts of the fur coat (moth eaten fur in a certain place, or had the pile) you can resort to one design trick. If you have a long mink coat make her a striking fur jacket casual.
Cut off the bottom part of the coat (Fig.2). Strut the pieces of fur. Replace the damaged fur, lousy instead wedges from the bottom. Your coat will become more free, and due to the lack of damaged areas will look like new.

Advice 2: How to alter a jacket

In every wardrobe there is a cozy knitted things from a wool and cotton yarns. They are comfortable and we wear them with pleasure. But accumulate fleece jackets that stretched out after washing and no longer be the right size or just out of fashion. You can alter things and find a new use for them.
How to alter a jacket
You will need
  • Scissors, iron, sewing machine, fabric for Ironing, thread, pieces of knit fabric for appliques, lace, beads, buttons.
Create of your jackets, the jacket for a child. In the wardrobe is always boring knit thing. Wash it in hot water and rinse. Wool will shrink and become tighter knit. Lay the sweater on a towel, straighten and dry. Amperite hot iron (1300) through a damp cloth, to avoid waves. Take a break from crisp wool details jacket child. Children's jacket can also be upgraded. Nastavite the sleeves and bottom if they are short or spoiled spots. Pick up a knit suitable for the structure and matching color. Take out the strips for extension subject to bending at the joints. Shorten the sleeves and hem, cutting off from it strips of the intended length. Sew new details to the sleeves and bottom of sweater knitted stitch. Iron the new seams with hot iron through damp cloth. Decorate the junction with braid or embroidery. Hide big spot using the application. She looked harmoniously, when choosing, consider the color, size and theme.
Update stale knitted thing for more details. When failed to pick colors sweatshirts embroidery thread or beads. Place the embroidery on the neckline or on the chest to accent the color. You can decorate your dull and thin sweater. Change the neckline. Treat it and position on the neck embroidery, original ribbon, buttons or rhinestones. If fleece jackets stretched the hem and sleeves, then cut off the deformed part of the canvas. Choose the right structure and color knitwear or fabric, make some strips for the bottom and sleeves of the product. Insert new items to your jacket, amperite through a damp cloth. Decorate hemmed detail, observing all measure.
Sew sweater skirt girl. Fight back the sleeves, measure the desired length to accommodate bending at the waist. Mark a line colored edge stitching or sewing pins. Cut with scissors to the stitches, fold the edge and hem it knitted stitch from the wrong side. Thread an elastic band amparita skirt using a damp cloth with an iron on the "wool".
Grind down two knitted items without leaving the lowered loop.
Useful advice
To cut knitted edge is not curled, lightly spray with clean water, straighten. Cover it with clean cloth to remove the moisture.
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