You will need
  • pillow
The first option is lying on your arm. The baby is lying on the arm of the mother, the mother holds him to lay it on its side and not on her back with her head turned (so the child is harder to swallow). Mom can put under the head or under the shoulder pillow. Another variant of this pose was not to put the child on hand. The kid just lies there, and the mother holds it under the back. This is a classic posture for feeding lying down.
How to feed <strong>child</strong> lying
The second option – lying on the pillow. When the classic pose perfectly developed, you can try to feed the child's upper chest. This is more convenient to put the baby on the pillow, definitely supporting in the back.
How to feed <strong>child</strong> lying
Third option, Jack. Very unusual and, at first glance, an uncomfortable posture. Baby's feet are facing towards the mother's head. This pose will help in the formation of stagnation of milk in the upper lobes of the breast.
How to feed <strong>child</strong> lying
A fourth option – Australian posture or "phone". Mother lying on his back, baby on top. Many people also find this position uncomfortable, but in some cases it is indispensable. For example, if too strong flow of milk when the baby can not cope with him.
How to feed <strong>child</strong> lying