You will need
  • Crochet vests will need:
  • -wool;
  • -the spokes of the number specified in the description, and suitable to the hair;
  • -description and scheme of work;
  • model.
First you need to determine the size. Then calculate the number of loops that you want. For example, there are schemes where it is stated three different sizes, and under each is a description of the number of loops. And there is a scheme where only one size, but it doesn't fit exactly to this child. Experienced knitters on the eye determine how many loops you need to dial. And it works such a rule size in 10 loops. Accordingly, if you want to increase the size by one, then you need to add about 10 loops. If less, then decrease by 10.
How to knit a child's vest knitting
The size was determined, the model chosen, the materials bought, begins to knit. For starters, we print on the spokes of a loop, in accordance with the scheme and size + 2 edging. Then knit according to the scheme. Usually vests promazyvaetsya elastic single or double. Then everything under the scheme.
How to knit a child's vest knitting
As a rule, the knitting is simple: you can pattern herringbone, smooth canvas. If you want to make a vest pattern, you need to look at the scheme, as it vivaselecta. Fit vest made of two parts - the front and back. When the work reaches the region of the armholes, you need to start to remove the loop. Again, to act according to the scheme. In some cases, removes 2 loop, then the arm will be softer. Sometimes be removed the greater the number of loops. In this case, the armhole is deeper.
When all is knit, close work. Now assemble the vest. Large sewing needle, sew both parts. Then sprinkle the product with water, smooths and dry. All the vest is ready.
How to knit a child's vest knitting