Advice 1: How to knit a child's vest knitting

Things associated with their hands, unique and unique. But if they are connected with tender hands, mother for your child, they are still the warmest and most tender. Very often moms knit vests for their kids. First, it is simple. Second, the vest will always be useful.
How to knit a child's vest knitting
You will need
  • Crochet vests will need:
  • -wool;
  • -the spokes of the number specified in the description, and suitable to the hair;
  • -description and scheme of work;
  • model.
First you need to determine the size. Then calculate the number of loops that you want. For example, there are schemes where it is stated three different sizes, and under each is a description of the number of loops. And there is a scheme where only one size, but it doesn't fit exactly to this child. Experienced knitters on the eye determine how many loops you need to dial. And it works such a rule size in 10 loops. Accordingly, if you want to increase the size by one, then you need to add about 10 loops. If less, then decrease by 10.
How to knit a child's vest knitting
The size was determined, the model chosen, the materials bought, begins to knit. For starters, we print on the spokes of a loop, in accordance with the scheme and size + 2 edging. Then knit according to the scheme. Usually vests promazyvaetsya elastic single or double. Then everything under the scheme.
How to knit a child's vest knitting
As a rule, the knitting is simple: you can pattern herringbone, smooth canvas. If you want to make a vest pattern, you need to look at the scheme, as it vivaselecta. Fit vest made of two parts - the front and back. When the work reaches the region of the armholes, you need to start to remove the loop. Again, to act according to the scheme. In some cases, removes 2 loop, then the arm will be softer. Sometimes be removed the greater the number of loops. In this case, the armhole is deeper.
When all is knit, close work. Now assemble the vest. Large sewing needle, sew both parts. Then sprinkle the product with water, smooths and dry. All the vest is ready.
How to knit a child's vest knitting
Category: Knitting for kids, Knitting for children, knitting, Knitting for kids crochet. A variety of baby clothes decorated with bright jacquard patterns, will make Your child's childhood, happier and more interesting. Size waistcoat: 4 to 5 years (height 110 - 116 cm). You will need: 150 g of yarn Pechorskoi "Secret of success" (100% wool: 250 m/100 g) sand color; spokes number 3; hook № 3.
Useful advice
This section presents a model of knitting clothes for children older than 3 years. Knitting for children spokes, diagrams, descriptions of children's models. Huge selection of jackets and vests for boys and girls, pullovers and sweaters knitting needles for kids, baby Bolero, dresses. Fishnet and lace skirts and tunics of different types of yarn. Knitted clothing for children is very practical, as it can easily tie up to a larger size, thus saving the family budget.

Advice 2 : How to knit a simple vest to school

In many schools, knitted vests become essential items of school uniform. Not always factory model suitable for the child, especially when non-standard figure, and sometimes they are quite expensive. It is sufficient to learn a simple scheme of classic items, and you can quickly link a simple vest to school. The universal model will fit either a girl or boy, it is sufficient to choose the desired embossed pattern and the color of the product.
How to knit a simple vest to school


School vest buttoned with a triangular cutout back

Try pairing a simple vest to school with a simple embossed pattern and a V-neck, if the requirements as to the form in the school. Classic tank top with a V-neck and button-down not only looks stylish, but also easy to use – easy to wear, and girls can let out beautiful frill blouse.

Start with sample of cloth 10x10 cm and determine the density of your knitting – this will depend on the length of the bottom edge of the product. So, for a simple backless vest to the school for a child 12 years of age (all calculations at this age) you need to dial spokes 117 loops, provided that the density of the knit on the spokes №3 is loops 26 and 37 series. Tie a rubber band 2x2 on the spokes №2,5 blade height 3 cm, then go to the spokes №3.

Fight back school sleeveless front stitch until you reach the line of the arm openings sleeveless. Distance from lower edge to beginning of ubavoj count individually with fittings. For 12-year-old child the formation of the openings may be initiated approximately 134 rows of knitting. Close from opposite sides, departing a couple of loops from the edge, 1 times 3 loops, 2 times 2 and 6 times 1.

Through 54 cm from the beginning of the bands (calculated individually) start to do the bevels of the shoulders of the vest symmetrically on opposite edges: through a series of print works 4 times out of 6 loops. When will the first subtraction, measure 33 of the Central loop, close to their the neck and go on knitting with the two balls. The left and right of the cut make obuvki through the series: first on 3 loops, then 1 two times. The last rows of the back, leave open.

Shelves school vest buttoned

Start to knit the left ledge sleeveless with V-neck. The length of the stacked edges will determine individually based on the finished back of the product and the desired width of the strap to the clasp. Here: 55 elementary loops. Linking rubber band 3 cm on the spokes №2,5, go to the spokes №3 and perform the shelf vest the pattern. Armhole and shoulder bevel do on the model the back and define the beginning of a V-neck will help fitting. In this example, the subtraction for the cut starts simultaneously with the formation of openings.

For the triangular neck back away from the edge of crochet a few loops and make obuvki: 3 times on the loop through the line 15 times in the loop in every fourth row. Complete the shoulders on the model of the backless tank tops, leave the last thread open bow. Follow symmetrically right shelf products.

Associate General strap for closure and neckline. Here: a stacked region consists of 159 loops fit 2x2 gum on the spokes №2,5. Do the holes for the buttons in the following sequence: 5 rows of elastic; 3 loops to knit elastic band; 2 to close; 28 loops to associate; 2 to close and repeat pattern to end of row. Subsequent over the private thread handles a new type, proverite 3 number and complete the work without closing the loops. The bar, which will be sewn with buttons, knit on the spokes № 2,5 without ubavo.

Assembly school vest with V-neck

Sew the shoulder parts cut sleeveless knitted stitch on open loops. By having the connect bar with the edges of shelves and neckline, perform side seams. On the edge of the armholes of the vest type school uniform loops on circular needles №2,5 bar and tie a rubber band 2x2 height 3 cm You will only have to sew the tank top small buttons in a tonal knit.

Simple embossed pattern for school vest

To associate a simple vest for the school from the front surface or decorate it with two symmetric discreet rapport. Among the simple, and at the same time spectacular reliefs include classic harness based on the crossing of the loops. Try to run the sample pattern "Barrel".

In the first row do the reverse; 4 front; purl, in the second continue in pattern. In the third – purl; facial remove the auxiliary needle and place in front of the canvas; proverite next 3 facial, then removed. Complete rapport wrong. You will be fairly symmetrical knit into one lane harness "Barrel" on the left and right shelves.

How to simplify knitting vest school: tips

  • To associate a simple vest to school you can even faster if you run only two parts cut: back, and, according to its design, the front part. In this case, it will be one of the strips of relief pattern on the center of the product.
  • Armhole school vest handle crochet two rows of columns without nakida.
  • If you do not own a knitting stitch on open loops, close the back shoulder line of the vest and gently combine parts cut on the reverse side.
  • With a little skill neck strap can be artisanal, start to puff up. In places rounding of the canvas do the elastic band, alternating 2 obverse and 3 reverse (2x3) and during execution of work, reduce the pattern to a 2x2.


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