You will need
  • - yarn of medium thickness (200 g);
  • - knitting needles No. 3.5 and 4;
  • - darning needle
  • - the pin.
Select the appropriate pattern and calculate the density of knitting and the right clothing size. For example, a boy of 4-5 years it is possible to associate the vest with needles number 4 yarn of medium thickness (it will need just a couple 100-gram skeins). Density knitting in the described example 23 loops per 10 cm of fabric.
Start from the back of the vest knitting thinner than a No. 3 or 3.5. Dial 73 for loop and do the elastic band with a height of 2-2,5 cm (two reverse and two front hinges). Next you need to switch to thicker needles, on which you calculated the density of knitted fabric (in this case number 4).
Go to the selected basic pattern. The young knitter can recommend "rice", or "bubble" relief pattern – it creates an interesting "cruciata" structure of the canvas.
Small "pearl" is simple:
first knit a row, as the elastic – alternating front and back loops;
- in the next row, slide the pattern one loop over the front doing the reverse, on the reverse face;
- continue bias in the sample.
For large "pearls" implement offsets through a number.
Knit vest until you get the blade height of 20-25 cm from the lower end of the elastic. Now with the left and right side should be performed armholes. For each of the openings close through the series:
- first 3 loops (promazyvaya adjacent loops together);
- then 2 loops;
finally, 1 loop.
Associated measure back from the bottom edge to the top – if the total length of the work reached 40 cm, close the loop. You should have ten loops for each shoulder 33 and the middle loop to the neckline.
Make the front of the jacket for boy pattern back until you reach the beginning of the formation of the openings. Start them as described above, and at the same time remove a couple of the Central loops of the front pin is the beginning of a triangular neck of the future of children's vest.
On one side of the neckline and continue knitting to the previous working yarn, on the other - enter a string of the same color and thickness from individual ball. You need to perform one part of the front, then another.
To gradually reduce knit fabric for the neck vest, in each second row back from the edge on 3 stitches and promazyvaya together two successive loops. 3 times reduce by 2 hinges on each side of the cut, then 16 times more loop. When you're done painting to the line of the shoulders, finish the knitting vests.
Sew together front and back, perform a neat knit seams at sides and shoulders. On the edge of neckline dial the loop for the strap the same spokes that were doing the gum bottom. In this example it turns out only 130 loops. The bar, run the same height, and stretch the canvas bottom edge.