Very often a plate in the middle. However, before to use it, you need to wash foods, to clean, to cut and to process. Best in the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen to observe the sequence Cabinet-sink-table-stove. It is desirable that this line went from left to right, and all of its component was the same height.
It is very important to fit the kitchen furniture so that the hostess could move freely in the kitchen and get without effort the necessary items. The height of all cabinets and tables should match the height of the person working in the kitchen.
Also need to be considered in the arrangement of furniture splitting the kitchen into two zones. One should be designed for the dirty work – washing dishes, processing, and cleaning products. The second area is for cutting food and feeding them to the table.
Table for the dirty work can be connected with the sink. At the bottom of this table you can store additional dishes and bowls. Under the sink it is desirable to place a bucket for refuse. Then you can store a broom, dustpan and cleaning supplies.
Also a big role in the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen location dinner table. The table should be large, so as not to clutter the room. In a small kitchen you can use the folding table, which in the case of arrival of guests easily expanded. Very convenient is the kitchen area. It can be located in the corner of the kitchen, and space will be more.