3Ds Max is a well-known multifunctional application for creating three-dimensional models in real time. This software is used in interior design, rendering three-dimensional graphical models for writing complex programs and games. The application is popular among architects, engineers, designers and specialists in creating sketches. The software package provides many approaches to three-dimensional modeling and is recognized as one of the most functional and popular design tools.
Adobe Photoshop offers users a variety of brushes, filters, plugins and settings to create images. Built-in tools allow the designer to create the layout for the future website. Application widely used to create clothing designs, corporate identity, logo and interiors.
Adobe Dreamweaver is a package to create professional interfaces for web sites. The application implements a principle of visual editing, through which you can dynamically build a layout, moving design elements with the mouse. Also, the program is able to generate high-quality code, which simplifies the subsequent coding. With built-in full-featured text editor, the designer gets possible to specify the desired script directly to add the necessary elements and use the necessary settings.
Adobe Illustrator is used by designers working in various fields. The program is a vector graphics editor that is used when creating digital images, illustrations and various magazines. The application is used to develop printed material, web sites, interactive elements of interfaces and design of mobile applications.
There are also several other programs that are widely used by designers in constructing their projects. Adobe Premiere is an application for working with three-dimensional graphics, building scenes and design of the various rollers. Unity Pro is used by professionals aimed at the development of three-dimensional models for consoles of the current generation. Maya will be a good and full-featured solution for building 3D animations and acts as a good alternative to 3Ds Max. ToonBoom Studio allows you create 2D graphics.