Advice 1: How to make school schedule

One of the main school documents – is the schedule of lessons. It sets the rhythm of the workflow for the entire academic year. How well thought out schedule, by the competent load distribution depends largely on the quality of learning.
How to make school schedule
Since the late 70-ies of the twentieth century for a uniform distribution of load within a week system is used the rank method, developed by Russian scientist G. I. Sivko. The point of the system that each of the subjects has a certain number of points (grade). Than the subject more complicated, the more the memory it requires, the higher the rank. Under this system, the highest rank of math (algebra, geometry) and Russian language – these subjects has 11 points. The second difficulty – foreign language 10 points. A little easier – physics and chemistry, each item in the ranking receives 9 points. 8 points the story, 7 – literature 6 – geography and science, only 5 points from physical education classes, 4 – class, 3 – sketching. The minimum load on the system from visual art lessons (2 points) and music (1 point). In addition to the level of difficulty is taken into account and the dynamics of fatigue throughout the week. According to scientists, the peak efficiency falls on Wednesday and Thursday. Dispensing lessons on days of the week, calculate the total amount of points for each day. The total load is distributed so that the maximum load fell on a Wednesday, and on Monday and Friday, it was minimal.
In addition to the distribution of subjects by days of the week you need to take into account the daily biological rhythms. Max health falls in the interval 10.00-11.30. It was at this time planning lessons that require maximum concentration, the most difficult. The first and last lessons should be items with less stress.
The need for automated preparation of school timetable with the sanitary rules and norms have led to the emergence of a number of programs which allow with varying efficiency to solve this problem. There are many such programs, and you can select the most suitable one.
The schedule is set correctly if:
- the load is distributed evenly across all days of the week.
- some days are only lessons that require intellectual work and requires physical and creative activity;
- the highest number of points you have at the beginning and end of the week;
- items with the highest number of points are held the first and last lessons.
Useful advice
Signs of a properly drawn up schedule:
- maximum load falls in the middle of the week and middle of the day;
lessons that require intellectual and physical activity are alternated within one day;
- the most difficult subjects are taught on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th classes.

Advice 2: How to make a curriculum

During school holidays, the administration usually does not have much time to rest. The thing that you need to make in advance a schedule of classes that is not quite an easy thing.
How to make a curriculum
You will need
  • - a list of items;
  • - the list of teachers;
  • - writing utensils;
  • paper;
  • computer.
Make a list of items that need to be distributed across classes and groups. This is the most important information that you should know for scheduling purposes. This list needs to be not only the names of the disciplines, but the number of academic hours that you want to develop on them. There are times when the class needs to prepare for exams or the exam. Then it is advisable to put two specialized lesson in a row.
Keep in mind the Federal and regional programme of education. Any changes inside the school can not go beyond them. Let's say you want to study literature 5 hours per week. Then try to put her through the day, if it is a non-core class. For those studying the subject in depth, it is possible to make paired lessons, even two days in a row.
Correlate the classes with the number of hours that must develop all teachers. You need to watch is fully consistent with a planned load of the teacher. Exceptions may be for those who are conducting extra classes on non-school time to prepare for the examination and also leads specialized classes. If for some reason it is impossible to fairly distribute hours, discuss this point with the teachers separately.
Secure classes for each lesson. In each audience should be all the necessary equipment for the classes. It is impossible to prevent someone remained without office for any reason. So, write next to each lesson number classroom. Make the data into a special schedule for teachers.
Adjust your total schedule. Look carefully whether the audience will be free on a specific day and hour. Verify that all teachers will be able to produce your watch. After that, we will discuss some amendments with the teachers and Director. Assure the schedule, get a stamp and hang it in the allotted space.

Advice 3: What will be the schedule for school holidays in the 2015-2016 academic year

The timing of the school holidays from year to year change: at a constant duration date start and finish every year move. What will be the schedule of holidays in the 2015-2016 academic year, and how will the rest of the students?
What will be the schedule for school holidays in the 2015-2016 academic year


What determines what number vacation

According to the law of the Russian schools themselves can set the time of the holidays is the prerogative of the administration of the institution. However, the education authorities annually publish a recommended schedule of school holidays – and the vast majority of schools adhere to it.

As a rule, short autumn and spring school holidays is set to begin in the weekend and ended them – in this case, the children rest for a whole week and not two halves.

In schools of Moscow beginning with the 2015-2016 academic year, the holidays will take place one of the two graphs is a classic when the school year is divided into four quarters with short autumn and spring and two-week winter break (so learning the majority of schools) or on a modular scheme, when 5-6 weeks of study interspersed with one week of rest. Which of these two graphs is a school – determined by the Council of the institution.

Даты осенних каникул 2015

Dates for the autumn holidays in 2015

In accordance with the recommended schedule of school holidays autumn holidays in 2015 will begin on October 31 (Saturday) and will end on November 8 (Sunday).

The duration of the autumn holidays will be 9 days including the weekend. Traditionally, the holidays coincide with week, when Russia celebrates the national unity Day.

When the students ' winter holidays 2015-2016

To celebrate the new year holidays pupils can for 16 days – this will be the duration of their winter vacation.

Winter break starts on December 26 (Saturday) and end on 10 January (Sunday). Date of the end of the school holidays coincided with the end of the all-Russian new year holidays – January 11 will be the first after the New year and Christmas working day and the first day of the third quarter of the curriculum.

Расписание зимних канинкул у школьников

Additional holidays for first graders in 2016

In the middle of the third, the longest quarter of first-graders waiting for extra short vacations. They will start February 8 (Monday) and will last exactly one week. The end date of vacation for first – graders - February 14, Sunday.

Schedule spring break in 2016

The traditional week of spring break begins with students March 19, Saturday – it will be the first day of the March holidays. Their duration will be the same as in the autumn and 9 days.

The end date is spring break in 2016 to Sunday 27 March.

In some schools, spring break will be held a week later from 26 March to 3 April - start of new quarter with April for many familiar.

График школьных каникул 2015-2016

Dates of holidays in graph 5(6)+1"

The students, the academic year which is based not on the quarter system and modular system 5(6)+1", will rest according to a special schedule: training period that includes five or six weeks will alternate with a week-long vacation. All these small vacations during the school year will be five.

The schedule of vacation according to the modular schedule in 2015-2016:

  • October 5-11
  • 16-22 November
  • 30 Dec - 5 Jan
  • February 15-21
  • 4– April 10.


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