What is required for frying cheese?

Any recipe how to fry cheese, indicates that in this case it is reasonable to use a hard type of product – Russian, mozzarella, Edam, Gouda. While in Europe, prefer to choose for this dish is quite soft cheeses with white mold. The reason – the finished dish is different with surprisingly delicate texture and a nice crispy crust.

Depending on the recipe prepare cheese for frying salt, pepper, flour, fat, parsley, egg.

How can you fry cheese?

The French love cheese balls. They RUB the cheese, add salt and pepper, and then from the mixture to form balls of small diameter. The balls roll in flour and fry in any fat. As soon as the cheese balls doubles in volume, they are removed from the fat and recline on a sieve or a napkin. Hot clumps of greens is amazingly delicious and tender.

No less lovely fried cheese cubes breaded. They are delicious, they are easy to pick up and dip into the jam or sauce. In this case, the cheese is cut into small pieces of regular shape, which were immediately sprinkled with flour. Such a measure is necessary to ensure that the next layer of breading went smoothly, not slipping excessively smooth surface of cheese.

Next the cubes are dipped in egg beaten with salt, sugar, garlic and seasonings. When frying the spices gives the cheese a delicate, unique flavor, and the sugar forms a nice crust. Then the dice roll in breadcrumbs, dip again in egg and again sprinkle with bread crumbs. Thus, due to multi-layer breading cheese will not flow out during cooking in a pan.

Finally, put the cubes in the heated oil, thus it should completely hide them. To evenly, tasty and properly grilled cheese, you need to periodically flip the cheese slices in the pan. Cooking time is not more than half a minute. Then the cubes are taken out and spread on paper napkin, which absorbs excess fat.

When serving fried Dutch cheese seasoned with lingonberry jam, cubes of cheese combined with herbs, and dishes of Circassian cheese sprinkled with aromatic herbs.