You will need
    • cheese
    • the pots and pans
    • shovel for mixing.
To melt cheese for soup or cheese sauce, you want to grate it on a grater or cut into small pieces. Cook preferably in a pot that does not have enamel coating. To it the melted cheese adheres even under the most careful stirring. Cheese is poured into boiling water or sauce evenly and stir until dissolved. Usually this is enough for a few minutes.
In the case when we are talking about recipes that require cheese crust, melting the cheese in two ways. Cheese on the slices of bread successfully melted in the microwave - just a couple of minutes at medium. The cooking time depends on thickness of piece. Dishes prepared in the oven, sprinkled the cheese for a few minutes until tender. If you start melting the cheese before the possibility of its combustion. For this you can grate cheese on grater or put on top of the desired plane into thin slices.
Melted cheese and good as a standalone course. In order to apply the melted cheese to the table, you must cut it into strips with a thickness of 0.5 to 1 cm and Then the pieces obmenivaetsya in the egg, beaten until smooth with salt, and covered on both sides with breadcrumbs. Fry the cheese in clarified butter until such time as it is still retains its shape but becomes quite soft. It is necessary to melt it in a frying pan with Teflon coating, otherwise it may burn. The highlight of the recipe is that in the presence of a dense crust on the outside, the cheese turns out tender and soft.
The success of another no less popular a prescription is directly connected with how to melt the cheese. In order to get the cheese fondue, it is necessary to clearly observe the proportions, otherwise the cheese will burn. One part of dry white wine take two parts of cheese, grated. The mixture must be constantly stirred to keep the fire, otherwise the cheese will begin to be covered by crust. If saturation of cheese for the thickness of the meals is not enough, then add a little starch.