You will need
  • dark clothes, wigs, white paint, the sounds of birds, plaster casts of animals
Theme. If you want to impress home nasty bugs, I find the models in stores for animals, souvenir stores or shops of jokes. There you should find a reasonable facsimile of the skull. Now go to a grocery store that sells sweets. Buy sweet "worms" - long multi-colored chewing sticks. You can find candy - toffees or jellies in the shape of the eye. Put this sweetness inside of the skull, and it will take the form of a head infested with worms. Or you can submit in the room of the heroes of fairy tales, like Baba Yaga or Koschei the deathless. Connect soft toys, that they resembled the form of man. Draw on a sheet of paper face, paint it. Find wigs and dark clothing. The skeleton of bones can be drawn. Take a black cloth and on it apply a white paint touches, reminiscent of bone.
Sounds. Let your guests come in numb horror, hearing the characteristic sounds from objects of horror. For this you can buy a CD with nature sounds, where for example, hoots the owl, or cuckoo cuckoo or the woodpecker knocks. Or record the sounds to audio CD when you view the corresponding films.
Light. Rather, his absence. But, darkness does not have to be the pitch, otherwise your efforts no one will notice. Make figure, causing fear, light, colorful lampshade). And be in the room a real guide, an artist for its guests.