You will need
  • Bow any color and any texture - nylon, satin, corrugated or smooth.
To tie a regular bow will require smooth nylon belt small length. At first your hair will need to be secured in the usual scrunchie. Now go directly to the tying of a bow. Tie a knot so that the right side was longer than the left. Their relationship is better to be approximately 1:3. Fold the long edge of the bow. Then tie it with the short edge. Straighten your creation. Supposed to be lush and beautiful bow.
Learning to tie a regular bow, you can move on to a corrugated core. It is perfectly recorded directly in the field node. Tie a bow on the hair exactly in the middle. It is important to tighten it with sufficient force. Then re-tie it and just tighten. In this case, you must ensure that the first node is not weakened. Then fold the edges. The bow is made in such a simple way, looks very interesting.
In order to build the hair bow assembled, you need to take any tape (suitable and smooth, and corrugated throughout its length to skip strong thread. Then the thread should tighten. All this construction is to sew the elastic band in the matching colour. Turned the bow on elastic. Thanks to this ready to bunt the process of making hair easier. Bow not to Rob the thread, and fishing line, then it will become very voluminous, and because of this even more beautiful.
Bows of satin ribbons. Such texture keeps bad double knots. So it's best on such tapes do only single. Looks nice, when the ends of the strips are very long and, in addition, freely hanging down.