You will need
  • Box, musical greeting card, plastic bottle, furniture stapler, staples
To make the box from wood, although this work is quite time-consuming. To ease the work, all parts on the box can be purchased at a specialty store. There all the details are tailored to the size you need. You can also choose a theme for decorating favors and don't forget to buy the varnish. And who have no desire to bother with the design, make a box out of cardboard. You can now proceed to the stuffing box. You need music card, but rather to its mechanism, carved from a plastic bottle a strip width of 1cm and furniture stapler with staples.
Open the box, on the lid between the hinges, a staple gun, attach the cut out of a plastic bottle strip. It should go on the rear wall of the box, seamlessly closing the contact when the lid is opened. Pre-tied clip to the back of the box, pass it under the clip. So that at maximum opening the box, the plastic strip out of the clip and when closed do not reach the bottom of the box.
At the bottom of install the musical element from the greeting card so that when you close the plastic strip razikale contact the music element cards. Now you will need two pieces of cardboard the size of the rear wall of the box. In one carefully cut out the holes for the mechanism, glue the wall. On the other glue the velvet or material, which you will decorate a box inside and attach to the first. Next, the panel material remaining plane. Music box ready.