Open the blurry photo in Photoshop and select the menu option Window, Channels to open the palette channels. Select the most striking channel corresponding to the area of the photo you want to make that clearer.
Usually this channel is red – click on it and then manually drag the icon create new channel Create New Channel). Have you created a copy of the red channel, apply the Glowing Edges filter by selecting it in the menu Filter -> Stylize. Set the filter so that the Edge Width parameter was set to 1, the brightness setting was equal to 17, and the softness parameter was equal to 4.
Hold the keyboard Ctrl button, then hold down and click on the icon of the red channel to cause release of the desired region. Delete the copy channel by clicking on it right mouse button and selecting Delete Current Channel, and then open the layers palette (click in the menu Window -> Layer, if the layers palette is not displayed in the main window).
On the layers palette, press Ctrl+H to temporarily hide selection. Then select the menu option Filter Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask. Choose the filter settings according to your individual pictures – set a suitable radius, amount and threshold level of the filter.
View the result by clicking the preview button. Click on Ctrl+J to clone to a new layer selection. In the filter menu select Sharpen -> Sharpen Edges. Your picture will be much clearer and more beautiful.