It is believed that figs improves digestion. It is used as a diuretic and diaphoretic. From the fruit, make a decoction with milk that we drink, and swelling of the vocal cords and dry cough.


This berry is not recommended for persons suffering from diabetes, gout, as well as those who are prone to obesity. Figs are contraindicated as colitis, acute gastritis and other inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Where to use figs

Figs can be eaten fresh or dried. They make jam, jam, candy, cooked compotes. Also from figs cooked wine. Recently, the popularity of this drink, like vodka on the figs. Some varieties used for making vinegar.

Figs is often consumed in dried form. The fruits are dried in the sun or exposed to artificial drying. Then they are used for cooking various dishes and products, for example, flour, which is added to the cake and cake. However, overuse of dried figs is not necessary, as it has a high calorie content.

How to eat figs

It is best to eat fresh fruit straight from the tree. Of course, not all right eating figs, because they have no such opportunity. The inhabitants of the middle band must be content with the fruits purchased in the supermarket. Buying fresh figs, keep in mind that you will only get a superficial understanding of the taste of this fruit. The fact that ripe fruits are not suitable for transport because of its remoortel texture and thin skin. Therefore, the figs intended for sale, tear from the tree unripe. Before eating this fruit is to hold in the sun a few hours. If you purchased a hard unripe figs, it can be baked or boiled.

Of course, dried fruits do not need such careful handling. They brought from Mediterranean countries, where is used for drying a second crop of figs.

Fresh fruit can be eaten without processing, watering liqueur or sour cream and sprinkled with nuts. Experienced cooks who are eating figs, I share a secret: this fruit is a wonderful side dish to ham.

Figs in dried form can be eaten whole or cut into small pieces. It is often added to pastries and fruit salads, and other dried fruits.