Before you develop a brilliant strategy, reading textbooks on psychoanalysis will be clear about what is specifically wrong with you, what faults lie in your character.

Do a survey of your friends and relatives on the subject of negative traits of your wilful temper and unbridled temperament. Try to find out what is annoying others, you have, in their view, strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps what you consider normal behavior for most people around you seem to be blatant arrogance or immorality. Such habits need to get rid of immediately.

When suitable material is collected, record all that happened on paper. Don't try to hide something, to downplay or disguise, try to look at ourselves objectively, through the eyes of strangers, as if from the outside. This will be the first step towards further transformation.
Follow the advice of a qualified professional. To understand which type you have and the kind of character, enjoy a few conversations with a psychologist who will be able to get to the root of your problem and suggest solutions.

Motivation - the key to change

Consider what advantages you will bring the new "I", because the change of character is a very complicated and long way that can overcome only a person with a developed power of will. Decide for yourself how much you are in need of such metamorphoses, is the game worth the candle.
Sometimes their problems man blames nature, but it is not always the right approach. Sometimes the cause of failures are the complexes imposed by modern society, or acquired in early childhood.

Important in the process of breaking of character is motivation. If a changed nature will help to find a more prestigious job to become successful, to establish a relationship with family and loved ones, the process of transformation will be faster - you will have a good incentive.

The next step is visualization

Constantly keep in mind and mentally play the new features of the future character. Without this procedure you get down to where you started. If you don't know what exactly poiotita, if not clearly defined, strive, and achieve nothing. You need to definitely present the model that must become a reality.

Say no to copy and imitate!

Most people want to change the character to someone to adapt, be it boss, parents or significant other, to please them, but not thinking about myself.

If your colleague is more successful, it does not mean you have to adopt the style of his behavior, gestures, some chips in communication. Each person is unique in their own way. Everybody has talent which needs to be disclose in the right place at the right hour.
Trying to improve your character, be careful not to buy a new, hitherto unknown to you, a bad habit.

Improve yourself, not copy someone else's character. Grow spiritually: read books, be kind, think of others and not just ourselves.