In high heel shoes, usually do not transfer weight from heel to toe, as in walking, and stepping on the foot immediately. Most walk in stilettos on slightly bent legs. You need to remember: to walk in high heels with legs bent wrong. The leg on which is transferred the whole center of gravity must remain. Owners of strong legs to walk properly in high heel shoes is much easier.


The basis of correct gait with high heels – good posture. Posture habitual posture of a person, he keeps sitting and standing. Correct posture, generally measured in a standing position. In this case, the head and body are on one vertical line, slightly raised chest, stomach. If you look back, your shoulders should be level. Only from this posture you can easily learn how to wear heels.


You are right and nice to wear high-heel shoes, you first need to learn how to keep your head and shoulders. To do this go to the mirror, turn the head right and align the shoulders. In this position, wait exactly one minute, then close your eyes, try to relax, and then return to the correct position. After that, open your eyes, and test your gait. This exercise should be performed until, until the correct position is not to become a habit, until you learn to walk in this position.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that the reason for the incorrect gait, stooped posture becomes the uncertainty in the forces. Each woman is unique in their own way, and the ability to walk in heels - it desires and practices.