Wearing shoes with a high heel causes the center of gravity to shift, overloading the forefoot, worsens the circulation in the lower extremities. Naturally as a result of numerous diseases, osteoarthritis, venous insufficiency, irreversible shortening of the Achilles tendon. The lovers of high heels is often found transverse flat – drooping of the transverse arch of the foot.
Pathological phenomena occur with regular wearing shoes with heel height of 5.5 inches or more. Especially harmful are the heels higher than 8 cm and they are thinner, the more serious the harm they cause to health. In the practice of trauma doctors are very frequent sprains and dislocations of the ankle joint, bruises and fractures received in a fall while walking in high heels because of the inability to maintain balance.
The flats is also not suitable for continuous wear. When driving on a hard surface, there is no required amortization, and so the blow is distributed upwards, while constantly injured spine. The lack of a heel forces the muscles to exert himself, besides, the load on the foot is distributed incorrectly – develops flat feet, often not transverse, as in the case of high heels, and longitudinal.
Some podiatrists claim that the optimal heel height for shoes worn constantly, should not exceed 2.5 cm. More liberal-minded experts believe the optimal height from 2 to 5 centimeters. The height of the heel is measured not from the floor and from the sole under the toes – if you would like to add a few inches of growth, pick up the shoes, hidden platform.
There are special formulas that can figure out how much heel height is specifically suited to you. The easiest method of calculation is to measure the length of the foot and divide the measurement result by four. The resulting number is the perfect height.
The other formula is somewhat more complicated. Divide the height of its own growth the length of your legs (to measure it you need, attaching the measuring tape to the lateral surface of the leg from the point of hip to point of heel contact with the floor). From the resulting numbers subtract of 1.61 ratio is the ideal ratio of height and leg length. Multiplying the result by 10, get the optimum height of the heel. Don't forget that all measurements are in inches.