The high-heeled shoes are able magically to transform any girl. They make legs longer, your posture is more graceful gait more alluring, and the silhouette adds harmony and expressiveness. In properly selected high-heeled shoes you can dance the night away and not feel tired, then as if you bought it at random, even the beautiful pair can wipe you feet in minutes. How to choose high-heeled shoes?

Ideal high heel shoes – how to choose them?

First of all, if you have no experience of wearing high-heeled shoes, do not immediately try to start wearing shoes with 12 cm heels. First, it will surely look ridiculous, and secondly- it can be traumatic. To start purchase elegant shoes in the 5-6 inch stable heel, and only after you feel confident in them, you can go to the store for a new pair of shoes.

Trying on shoes, walk in them around the room, observing the sensations in your feet. If the shoes are too loose around the legs, they are either you are great or your foot is too narrow for this model. If shoes are too tight already at the stage of fitting, the socks they can cause you real agony. And don't listen to the assurances of the consultant that "the couple posted": post shoes, of course you can, but consider how they will then look.

Buying new shoes, before going somewhere in it, first some time to walk around the house, preferably in the carpet. If you find that the shoes are still uncomfortable for you, then you can return to the store shoes without any traces of use.

If you buy open shoes or sandals with high heels, make sure that neither the toes nor the heel does not go beyond the shoes. If the foot slips, you can use a special silicone pads from the drugstore for a more reliable fixation of the foot. Pasted on the insole near the toes, these pads among other things reduce the load on the legs and prevent fatigue.

Tips for those who can't imagine life without high-heeled shoes

Stilettos make a woman sexier and more attractive, but still not worth it to wear them constantly. The fact that when the permanent wearing of high heels happen pathological changes in the Achilles tendon; as a consequence of this, the girl can not wear other shoes. The years appear on the feet "bones" due to prolonged deformation of the foot, and the load on the spine due to wearing such shoes gradually leads to violation of posture. No need to give up these stylish and beautiful shoes with heels, but do not neglect and wearing more comfortable shoes, such as loafers, sneakers and shoes.