Let the mosquito to drink your blood and then SWAT.
Tease the animal that is armed means of defense – sharp claws, teeth. This is the perfect, for example, an unfriendly cat.
Be careless when handling sharp objects, for example, an awl, a knife, a razor.
When nailing miss by his hat, once on the finger.
Blood begins to stand out and piercing ears or other body parts during a piercing procedure.
Buy at the pharmacy one-time scarifier. It is used for application to the finger prick-scratches when taking blood samples for General analysis. Prick yourself with them.
a set of disposable scarifiers
For an expanded analysis of blood taken from a vein. Disconnect the syringe after the introduction of needles in it. Bleed.
Become at least for one time a blood donor.
To agree to surgery in which stroke is the surgeon's scalpel – they make the cut soft tissue during surgery on body tissue of a patient.
If you have high blood pressure, the capillaries in the nose is very weak, it is enough to dramatically change the position of his body, for example, quickly lowered his head down to cause a nosebleed.
Bite your lip, tongue or inner part of the cheeks. It may be unexpected, rarely happening during a hurried meal.
Use a toothbrush with stiff bristles, intensely wielding it when cleaning the mouth.
Eat 5-6 unripe kiwi fruit. Their acid begins to corrode the surface of the tongue and it will reveal many small droplets of blood.
Take part in the fight, become a member of a Boxing match or other combative competitions. During the fight often skip the blows of the opponent.
Without the safety net inadvertently keep themselves on top. In most cases, you are guaranteed a drop. As a result of this extreme landing happen open fractures of the extremities, rupture of soft tissues or bleeding in them.