You will need
  • In order to in the least periods to accustom the dog to the street, first of all you need to give this more time. In addition, you will need a pencil and Notepad, an iron cage or room, free from carpets, as well as a favorite treat of your pet, which should always be present in sufficient quantity. You should understand that you have to be quite strict and sometimes punish the kid.
It is worth remembering that dogs are very clean animals. They often choose a permanent seat for the toilet. To wean the puppy to make water in this place, it is necessary to protect his movement in the apartment. Dog will never crap where you sleep. Some owners even put their pet on a chain or in a cage. so they learned to tolerate. The dog should not sit in a confined space constantly. Conclusion it is only necessary to ensure that you always know what the pet during your absence.
Carefully study the habits of your dog. Write down what time she goes to the toilet and that it precedes. Most puppies prefer to relieve themselves after sleeping or eating. It is desirable to stagger the times you'll know what intervals you should take the dog outside.
As soon as you notice that the puppy started to rush, you must immediately take him outside. The first time should bring the puppy 5-6 times a day. Child's organism is still not fully grown, so it is harmful to endure. Try to distract the dog from the need of using any sounds, hold her so she didn't make a puddle on the stairs or in the hallway.
During the walk it is important not to miss the moment when the dog will do his wet work. Be sure to praise her. Give your baby a treat, play with him in your favorite game.
What do you do when you see that after walking the puppy again made a puddle on the floor? It is imperative immediately to punish him. Time here is crucial. If you do it in an hour or two, the dog may not understand what she did wrong. It is better to try to stop or punish the puppy by some loud sound. For example, to loudly clap their hands or shout.