In pet stores today a wide range of dog leash various types: roulette, chain, harness or a regular nylon leashes. However the design leads in the majority of cases do not vary. So if you suddenly want to please yourself and your pet a beautiful accessory, you can try to do it yourself.
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To begin with, of course, is to buy a ready-made leash, which you will want. Of course, it is possible to make a leash with your hands, for example, to take a few leather cords, weave them, make a loop for the hand with one hand and attach the carabiner on the other. But this accessory might be purchased to give a lead in strength, which is important especially for owners of large breed dogs.
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So, by purchasing (or having made) leash basis, you can buy everything you need to decorate in any sewing store. For example, if the basis was taken thin leather or canvas leash can be decorated with various metal studs, badges, chains, buttons, rhinestones, lace, appliqués and so on.
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There are many options for decorating a leash for a dog, they are limited only by the imagination of the person who undertook the manufacture of this accessory. Importantly, the final result of your work thing was not just beautiful, but also comfortable and functional.
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