Before you start training, you have 3-5 days to accustom the dog to "tie" the collar. This collar should sit tight, but somewhat freer, and compared with ordinary soft collar (under it should consist of four fingers).
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Playing with a dog is best done in a secluded place, on a small platform, where you can move in any direction. First grab the leash long, 3-5 meters, start moving. As soon as the dog starts to pull the leash and drag you along, say the dog's name (in a calm voice, but with conscription intonation) and make a few short but sharp jerks. It should greatly slow their movement almost to a stop. Then change the direction.
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Changing direction, you need to ensure that the dog followed you. To do this you can use a series of gentle jerks that will force the pet to follow the trainer. Remember that the jerks should be immediately interrupted when the dog stop pulling on the leash. In addition, it is very important to praise the dog, in that case, if she approaches you give her a treat. This exercise should be repeated at least 5 times in a row. For example, first you can go directly after a few meters, turn right, walk another 3-5 meters and so on.
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At this stage it is important to ensure that the dog followed you. The signal for this will be the utterance of her nickname. When training it is extremely important to maintain a positive emotional background, for this the dog need to constantly talk.
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In the next stage, it is impossible to pronounce the dog's name, that is, if the dog starts pulling the leash, you simply need produce a few jerks. Impact on the dog should stop when the dog stops to tug master. Do not forget to praise and reward your pet a treat.
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In the second stage, you explain to the dog your requirements. They must mean for her: "If you're not pulling for yourself, then you will be fine, you wouldn't be disturbed, and will give a treat and praise". The problem is that training dogs with "tight" collar does not necessarily mean that the pet will obey you when you wear a regular soft collar. To do this, go to the next stage.
Fasten to the dog leash two: one on a soft collar, the other strict. Now when the dog tries to pull you along, first make a dash for the "soft" leash, and then after one second for "strict". After a few workouts you must increase the interval to 3-5 seconds, while increasing the power jerks.
With each workout you must increase the force of jerks, but to reduce their number. Also, if the first stage you were constantly changing the trajectory, the last stage is dominated by rectilinear motion. Remember that first single training session should last only 5-7 minutes, but during the walk such sessions should be several. You can gradually increase the time to 30-40 minutes.
At the end of the workout, adjust the leash on the "soft" and give the command "Forward." For the dog it should mean that after that she tells you to pull over. This will allow her to rest and discharged.