You will need
  • Capacity, dry mixture of filler, water, a nozzle for a drill or mixer
To start a dry mix putty should be pour into the container. Glassware for dilution of the mixture is better to use the old, was a pity not to spoil in the process.
Then to the mixture is added water in accordance with the quantity specified in the instructions. Usually pour half of the total. After the water is poured, you need to immediately start to stir the mixture. Pour only half of the total water need in order to avoid the formation of lumps. In a mixture with a thick consistency, stir the lumps is much easier than in a liquid. In any case, you cannot pour water into a container and then pour the plaster.
When the plaster will have a homogeneous mass, it is necessary to add the remaining amount of water. Add water in small portions.
Then the mixture must be carefully moved and leave for 5-10 minutes for complete dissolution.
After the plaster has rested, it again mix well and begin to spray.