In order not to make the wrong choice when purchasing, you must know the answer to the question not only about why we need the filler, but also about what it is types. Putty is a composition of paste-like consistency, which can be purchased in finished form or by mixing in dry mixes.The purpose of a filler in the preparation of wall surfaces for finishing. If the walls are rough, then it will affect their appearance after painting or wall-papering. The bumps will show through, even through the layer of paper. Unlike putty of plaster that the latter is superimposed on a thicker layer and is used in cases where the surface are too pronounced defects in need of alignment. The coating is applied after the plaster layer, not exceeding 5 mm, it dries fairly quickly, rubbed with fine emery paper to smoothness, making the surface perfectly smooth. The mix is used for leveling any surface: walls, ceilings, plaster Board constructions.Depending on the composition of the dry mixtures are gypsum, cement, polymer, lime. Ready putty is more convenient because it requires no additional mixing, but the production of a major repair is not economically profitable.In its purpose putty for the walls is divided into leveling and finishing.For plasters say the thickest layer, up to 5 mm without cracking and delamination. This putty successfully hides all the defects of the base, but in need of subsequent finishing coating.Finishing putty is composed of fine elements, which after drying form a completely smooth surface. Depending on what finishing works are planned subsequently, a similar coating is adapted for painting, wallcovering and versatile. The latter is the most convenient, as combined with any kind of finishing materials.