To develop abstract thinking, the child begins in childhood when parents said that the cloud – dinosaur. The task of parents to support child's imagination. Construction crane is a giraffe, and let him count how many he sees giraffes. Chair – Hippo, but the stapler – crocodile. This way you will not only develop the child abstract thinking, but also save on toys. Invent history, making heroes of everyday. For example, for that perfect handbag with its contents. A mirror can be a lake, a wadded up napkin – white bird, coin – bun, and comb – hedgehog.
Play with your child a game: on a sheet of paper, draw a random squiggle, and let the child figure out what it's like. He may make out there the rabbit ears, or a burning house, or the curls of the Princess.
Imagine with your child the life of a random passer-by. What he does, where in a hurry who is waiting for him at home. Develop your story, peering into the other passers-by. Perhaps they are friends of your main character, or, on the contrary, he will have to fight them.
One of the favorite games the kids and the shadow theatre. Make of the fingers of the figure, casting a shadow on the wall, and let the child guess what animal she looks like. The location of the fingers for building some of the animals you can find on the Internet. But you can think of your own! Invite your child to draw a dog, a soaring bird, a giraffe, a house.
Invite a child to find common features of objects, which, at first glance, have nothing in common. For example, it may be the sun and the Apple is round and yellow, grass, hedgehog grass on the lawn like the spines of a hedgehog. This helps the child to abstract away from the specific subject and work only with the necessary qualities.
As developed abstract thinking helps to solve mathematical problems, and the solution of problems helps to develop abstract thinking. So let your child imagine that he has three apples.