The main thing to remember is that your pet must have a permanent access to clean water. Hamsters - animals unpretentious, and fun to eat any grain food, but without water to do in any case can not. To they should in a pure form from a feeder Cup, and in the form of vegetables and fruits, which, among other things, are a supplier of fiber.
как обустроить клетку для хомяка своими руками
How to make a handy toy for hamster? There are many options, you can choose to your taste. The easiest to put on the bottom of the cage a jar of baby food. She has a small size, and the hamster will easily reach the water. And it will not be there to get the food, the husks of sunflower seeds and droppings of the animal. Change the water in the jar every day, or if you saw that in a jar got a piece of garbage.
как сделать туалет для маленьких хомяков своими руками
Very convenient for small rodent feeder for the birds. They look like tubes with hollow in which water accumulates. These sippy cups are very practical, because the liquid in them is not contaminated and is kept clean and fresh. But at every water change clean test tube with a small brush or piece of gauze, wound on a stick. This will remove plaque from the walls of the Cup and will not form harmful fungi.
How to make <b>W</b> <strong>hamster</strong>
If your hamsters appeared the cubs, the first time the extra fluid they do not need, kids enough of mom's milk. But when they grow up, the water will they need. Put it in the corner of the cage or house of hamsters the plastic cover from the three-liter jars. Fill it with water. This tank is very comfortable for babies as cover low sides and even the smallest can reach the liquid. However, to change the water will be very common, as there is no protection from pollution here.
How to make <b>W</b> <strong>hamster</strong>
And most importantly, whatever the design of the Cup you would not chose, do not forget to change the water at least once a day. Stale, rotten, the liquid can lead to illness and even death of the animal.
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