You will need
  • Tools for taking measurements, drafting tools, graph paper
Prepare for removal of accurate measurements with the human figure, for that is the pattern. However, he should be wearing a dress made of thin fabric, horizontally slightly belted at the waist with a ribbon. Note, that you should always be measured from the back of a person when taking measurements of girths (measurements of chest girth – the tape is on the blades). Place in a horizontal position the tape on the protruding areas of the figure – the Breasts, the buttocks. Do not pull and do not keep them too loose measuring tape.
Measurements with the main parts remove the following:Circumference of the chest at the outermost points of the blades and the chest;
Waist – waist (not pull the measuring tape);
The girth of the hips horizontally at the hip line (consider the topography of the abdomen);
Front length to waist – from the intersection of the shoulder line with the line of the circumference of the neck to the waist line (note the protrusion of the breast);
Back length to the waist – line extending upward from the waist;
Shoulder length – from base of neck to the line of the armhole (measure at the middle of the shoulder);
The width of the back from one hand at the more exposed points of the blades to the other (guided by the rear corners of the armpits);
Breast width – the same measurement of the width of the back (a tape measure, position so that she was held somewhere at 5 cm below the base of the neck, went on the bulge of the breast).
According to the obtained sizes build drawing patterns on graph paper. It can be used in this form, and can then be moved to a more comfortable material film, thin plastic. Remember that once carefully and properly build patterns you can sew many beautiful clothes.