You will need
  • oil
For the successful conduct of this operation be double the amount of oil, half of which will go to flush the system. After that we'll drive the car on a viewing hole or lift it up on the lift. Then disconnect the cooling hoses from the transmission. For high-quality implementation of the wash, find a special device that connects to the cooling system.
Install the transmission in the Park position and connect the hoses of the device to the cooling system of the automatic transmission. Then start the engine and let it work for a few minutes. Then stop the engine. Carefully remove the pan, which can accumulate quite a large amount of oil, so be careful when performing this procedure.
Disconnect the filter and examine it carefully. If it is quite dirty, then replace it with a new one. Along the way, thoroughly wash the pan and clean it from dirt. Put in the pan a new gasket. Then set it in its place and pour oil into the transmission, making sure the level using the dipstick.
Start the engine and start washing. Signal the end of this operation is that the infused amount of oil will still pour. During this time, the liquid passes through the filter unit for about 5-6 times. Add the oil to the proper level, then disconnect the hoses from the washing machine. Do not forget to connect the cooling system and put in place protection for the engine and transmission, if they are the place to be.
After completion of the work check the operability of the transmission in motion, at the same time evenly distributing the oil inside the automatic transmission. To do this, carefully place your arm into different positions, making sure that it was not background noise, grinding, and all the switching should be smooth and clear.