First puppy Spaniel must be accustomed to the owner. It must be done from the moment of weaning the puppy from the mother or immediately after acquisition of the dog. The owner should always feed the puppy, walk it, play with it. Several days is enough to keep the dog accustomed to the owner. Refer to feed or walk the dog to other people only in extreme cases. During training you can not yell at the puppy or hit him, otherwise the dog will grow up very timid and will not be suitable for hunting.
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In the early days of parenting Spaniel also need to teach your dog to handle. Choose sonorous, short nickname with a clear finish. Desirable to reduce or distort the nickname. Constantly call him puppy bvtytv, and then give him a treat.
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Dog-Spaniel must be accustomed to his place. Equip a doghouse or put the litter. When the puppy is sleeping in a different place, say his name, say "Place", palm a little slap and get him on the Mat. Repeat the command and move away from the dog. After several repetitions of these steps, the puppy will learn to run in place.
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A dog contained in the apartment, must be accustomed to cleanliness. Start training to approximately 2.5 months of age. If you live on the first floor, take the puppy outside after feeding to cope with their needs. Soon the dog will begin after a feeding to ask on the street. If the apartment is higher, then put near the bed of the puppy crate with sand. First train the dog to pee in the box. If you see that the puppy began to circle as if looking for a place, take it to the box. When the puppy is 4 months, remove the box and start to teach walking.
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While walking the dog you need to train him to the collar and walk on a leash. Say the dog's name, command "Walk" and put on a collar and leash. The leash need to keep in the left hand. During the walk and after it let your puppy treats. Move smoothly, keeping the dog on a leash, do not jerks and sudden movements.
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When the dog turns three months, train him the command "no". To work this command you need from the bowl, holding the dog by the collar. During the walk, teach him the command "come": show the puppy a treat and call him. As soon as he will come running, give him a treat.
Spaniels also need to teach the commands "Sit and "Give". To teach your dog to sit, show the dog a treat and put your hands up. Push gently on the rump puppy and say, "Sit." Holding the dog so she wouldn't get up, give it a treat. The command "Give" spaniels trained easily – they are born with the ability to bring game. Throw some object on the floor and say: "Give". When the puppy would take the thing up to him with treats and put your hand under your dog's snout. When the pet opens mouth, the item will be in your hand. Give it a treat. The command "Look" is also executed with a Spaniel just. Put a bit of food and say, "Look." When the dog will find it, cuddle it.