Advice 1: How to call a Spaniel puppy

Spaniel is a friendly and cheerful dog. It differs a gentle disposition, activity, initiative and, of course, extraordinary beauty. Long silky hair, floppy ears, and tender eyes provide the spaniels everyone's attention. No less beautiful and original should be the name of such dog. Don't call the puppy first got the nickname – spend time on the selection of interesting options.
How to call a Spaniel puppy
You will need
  • - the pedigree of the puppy's parents;
  • - dictionaries and encyclopedias.
If you purchased a purebred puppy, consult your breeder. You will be offered a letter or syllable to begin the name. According to the rules of the canine, the puppy's name carries the elements of the nicknames his father and mother. For example, if your father's animal name is Leon, you have to pick up the names with the letter L or syllables and even Leo. In the end it may be a strange structure like Leadinger or Leolady. To this composition is added a second name reflecting the name of the mother.
A lush name, written in puppy's card, does not negate the ability to name pet pet name. The same Leadsinger Mehr house can be called Gina. Spaniels are very intelligent, and the puppy will soon understand that all these words are related to it, and begin to respond.
The name can be a reflection of the character of the pet. Spaniels are very active, constantly in motion love fun and walks. Choose a nickname, which celebrates these qualities. Smart, Jolly, Fun – these names were created for resilient spaniels.
Look at the pet. Perhaps the peculiarity of his appearance will tell you how to call it. Golden-red-haired Spaniel suitable nickname Goldy, Juice or Fanta. Black – Nigger, knight, Hell, or cherry. Such names are particularly English and American Cockerspaniels. Good and the names of the heroes of classical literature, as well as the usual human names adopted in English. Charles or bill, Magda or Jessica – like nicknames very fit funny cockers.
Russian spaniels can be called in a different style. Come Sakusei – traditional nicknames Russian hunting dogs. If you plan to walk with your pet hunting, such a name would be very welcome. Dogs fit the names of heroes, heroes of fairy tales. Flip through literary encyclopedias or dictionaries, they can learn a lot of interesting ideas.
By choosing the name, try to pronounce it several times. Listen to the sound. You will have to repeat this combination of letters repeatedly. Look at the reaction of the pet nickname if he cares, he is alive to respond to her. Don't forget to know the opinion of the household – the name of a pet should arrange for all family members.

Advice 2: How to teach a Spaniel

Spaniel you will be a true and loyal friend, but to your life together with your dog is not worried you, puppies need the first day to explain the rules of behavior. One of them is to teach your puppy not to leave puddles all over the apartment.
How to teach a Spaniel
You will need
  • Tray, litter or newspaper, a collar, a leash.
Set the tray in a safe place where it won't disturb you, and where you will always reach the puppy. When a small dog tries to sit down and make a puddle you have on the carpet, soak it in newspaper and put it in the tray. Give the dog a sniff, she will understand that it is a toilet.
When you notice that your dog tries to settle down in the wrong place, grab it and take it to the tray. Don't let him get away with the tray while he will not celebrate the need. Once you have achieved the desired result, praise the dog, give her a treat. Soon the dog will learn to run to the tray independently, in order to make master pleased, and earn a treat.
When the puppy turns three months, and all the necessary vaccinations has been done, it's time to teach the Spaniel to walk on the street. To do this quite easily, however, the first time you have to run. Go for a walk with the puppy at that time when he want to the toilet in the morning as soon as your dog awoke, some time after eating. If you saw the dog rushes around the apartment and looking for a quiet corner, grab it and run outside. Tray do not remove until at least six months, little puppies go to the toilet often. Later, your dog himself will teach you, how often it is necessary to walk.
In any case don't walk the dog immediately after a meal, it can happen the volvulus. Wait at least an hour.

Advice 3: How to wash a Spaniel

Spaniels require a thorough grooming. And not just a show dog. Long hair and floppy ears often get dirty during the walks, and the owner should carefully and clean them regularly.
How to wash a Spaniel
You will need
  • special shampoo for dogs
  • conditioner for long-haired breeds
  • - Terry towel
  • - Hairdryer
Prepare all the necessary items in the bathroom, so as not to distract from your pet during wash. Wear clothing that you do not mind dirty and soaked is even better-suited for a large oilskin apron. Dogs love to shake off water, and you are also susceptible to "swimming".
Put the dog in a dry tub, give all to sniff and turn on the water. The water should be comfortably warm. Keep in mind that dogs are more sensitive to water temperature. So as not to scare the dog, run the water from the shower, put the hose on the bottom of the tank, not a solo jet. While the water is poured, be sure to plug the ears of the Spaniel with a cotton swab.
Take this special shampoo for washing dogs. Usually such shampoos are highly concentrated, therefore dilute it in warm water until frothy. Plentifully moisten with water the dog that she soaked all to the skin. Apply shampoo and gently distribute throughout the body.
Rinse off the foam with warm water from a bucket or the shower. If your dog is anxious, praise him and lure delicacy. Repeat the soaping shampoo and rinse again with clean water.
Now take the air conditioning. Currently, there are many kinds of special conditioners for dogs. Try to choose the most suitable for spaniels — conditioning should be written that it is designed for dogs with long hair. Even better would be if this tool is hypoallergenic to not irritate the skin. As a rule, air conditioning is also necessary to dissolve water — read the instructions on the bottle. Gently apply conditioner to hair of the dog and leave for a few minutes. During this time, praise the dog, pet and lure her. Rinse off with warm water. Be careful — even a small amount of conditioner left on the hair can subsequently irritate the skin and lead to allergies.
Let the dog shake, then cover it with a towel. Do not RUB the hair, just blot it carefully. Some dogs after bathing are quite flexible, wrapped in a dry towel. If your dog is able to lie down within an hour, take a new towel and place the pet in it to soak up all the moisture from the wet wool. If the dog is alert and ready to play and run immediately after wash, have to dry it with a Hairdryer. Show the dryer to the dog, let him sniff, give the pet a treat. Dry wool Spaniel, gently combing.
After bathing the dog should not take out approximately 6-8 hours. Otherwise walk out with wet hair can lead to severe cold.
Bathe the dog often is not worth it. Frequent washing can over-dry the skin, so a working dog is enough to wash with shampoo every 3-4 months. Exhibition breeds, the situation is a bit different — they are washed 1-2 times per month.

Advice 4: How to raise a dog

Raising a dog is a sequential development of the necessary skills that facilitate the care and maintenance of the animal. In the process of upbringing the dog is accustomed to his nickname, getting to know the owner, gets used to his place, to purity, to wearing a collar, to the aft and muzzle. Spaniels are hunting dogs, so their education should be appropriate.
How to raise a dog
First puppy Spaniel must be accustomed to the owner. It must be done from the moment of weaning the puppy from the mother or immediately after acquisition of the dog. The owner should always feed the puppy, walk it, play with it. Several days is enough to keep the dog accustomed to the owner. Refer to feed or walk the dog to other people only in extreme cases. During training you can not yell at the puppy or hit him, otherwise the dog will grow up very timid and will not be suitable for hunting.
In the early days of parenting Spaniel also need to teach your dog to handle. Choose sonorous, short nickname with a clear finish. Desirable to reduce or distort the nickname. Constantly call him puppy bvtytv, and then give him a treat.
Dog-Spaniel must be accustomed to his place. Equip a doghouse or put the litter. When the puppy is sleeping in a different place, say his name, say "Place", palm a little slap and get him on the Mat. Repeat the command and move away from the dog. After several repetitions of these steps, the puppy will learn to run in place.
A dog contained in the apartment, must be accustomed to cleanliness. Start training to approximately 2.5 months of age. If you live on the first floor, take the puppy outside after feeding to cope with their needs. Soon the dog will begin after a feeding to ask on the street. If the apartment is higher, then put near the bed of the puppy crate with sand. First train the dog to pee in the box. If you see that the puppy began to circle as if looking for a place, take it to the box. When the puppy is 4 months, remove the box and start to teach walking.
While walking the dog you need to train him to the collar and walk on a leash. Say the dog's name, command "Walk" and put on a collar and leash. The leash need to keep in the left hand. During the walk and after it let your puppy treats. Move smoothly, keeping the dog on a leash, do not jerks and sudden movements.
When the dog turns three months, train him the command "no". To work this command you need from the bowl, holding the dog by the collar. During the walk, teach him the command "come": show the puppy a treat and call him. As soon as he will come running, give him a treat.
Spaniels also need to teach the commands "Sit and "Give". To teach your dog to sit, show the dog a treat and put your hands up. Push gently on the rump puppy and say, "Sit." Holding the dog so she wouldn't get up, give it a treat. The command "Give" spaniels trained easily – they are born with the ability to bring game. Throw some object on the floor and say: "Give". When the puppy would take the thing up to him with treats and put your hand under your dog's snout. When the pet opens mouth, the item will be in your hand. Give it a treat. The command "Look" is also executed with a Spaniel just. Put a bit of food and say, "Look." When the dog will find it, cuddle it.

Advice 5: How to feed the Russian Spaniel

Dog nutrition is the key to her health. Your pet need to offer only healthy food, contributing to its development. To maintain Russian Spaniel in good shape you need to follow all the rules of feeding.
How to feed the Russian Spaniel
You will need
  • - dry concentrate feed;
  • - canned food;
  • - beef;
  • - head chicken and ducks;
  • - by-products;
  • fish;
  • - cereals;
  • - dairy products;
  • - vegetables;
  • - fruit.
Select the type of feed

Your dog's diet consists of foods that correspond to the nature of the animal. Russian Spaniel is a hunting dog, and therefore the food should be high in calories. Feed him to the beef meat, boiled fish, offal, chicken and duck heads, cereals, dairy products, vegetables and fruit. All of this should be erudite in the preparation of the diet. If you don't want to bother with cooking, take advantage of prepared fodder – concentrated dry or canned food.
Calculate the amount of feed

Dry and wet ration requires a different amount of feed. For example, a dog with a dry ration per 1 kg of body weight is necessary for the physiological norm, 15-40g feed a wet diet – 30-60 g.
Prepare meat food

Best food for Russian Spaniel raw meat. Filling the bowl of the adult dog, follow a strict rule: meat cut into pieces, and large bones with some cartilage cut – so they are easier to chew. Do not include in the diet of bones - they break and form sharp edges that may harm the health of the animal. Let's Spaniel meat, alternating them through the day.
Offer the dog a fish

It must necessarily be in the diet of the Russian Spaniel. If the fish is large, remove large bones and sharp pectoral and dorsal fins. Guide heat treatment of the product before piece will fall into the bowl.
Include in the diet vegetable foods

Vegetables and fruits can be fed to the dog raw or processed form. For example, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, turnips or carrots grate on a coarse grater, a potato will cook or stew in small cubes. Porridge cook in the broth or diluted milk is very popular with the dogs. To Spaniel ate useful greens (parsley, beet tops, lettuce, dill, onion, garlic), finely chop it and mix with other food. You can treat your pet raisins or dried apricots, adding delicacy to mush.
Let's Spaniel at least twice a week dairy products: cheese, kefir or yogurt. Cheese and crumble into porridge small slices – this dish is eaten without a trace. The egg should be offered not more than 1 times in 6-7 days, mixing it with any product. Without limiting possible water Spaniel whey.
In the diet include vitamins

For the full development of the animal necessary vitamins and minerals. Readily enter them in food in the form of minerals, bone meal, glycerophosphate, fish oil and other supplements.
Observe the mode of feeding

Regardless of age Spaniel should strictly observe the mode of its supply. Install a permanent feeding time in accordance with the frequency of eating dog and his routine. This is especially important if you have a small puppy. Sure that he was fed full and on time. For example, to achieve 2 months, he should receive food 6 times per day, 2-4 month puppies need to be fed 4 times a day, and the younger Spaniel (4-7) enough three meals a day. After 8 months, the dog should be given food only twice a day.
Don't let Russian Spaniel sausage, sugar, candy, high-calorie flour products – these products are harmful for his health.
Useful advice
Food for Russian Spaniel must be warm, soft and slightly salted.

Advice 6: How to train a Russian Spaniel

Many people just love dogs. Someone who keeps a great Dane or a Saint Bernard, some people like small breeds – pug or Yorkshire Terrier. But, probably, at least once any human heart sank at the sight of dogs with soft hanging ears and kind eyes. This is the Russian Spaniel.
How to train a Russian Spaniel

Russian Spaniel: breed description

Russian Spaniel is a breed of hunting dogs. It occurred as the result of crossing two dogs English Springer and Cocker spaniels.

English spaniels were imported to Russia in the late nineteenth century, but they proved to be unsuitable for the Russian hunting. Therefore, the necessity of developing a new breed of good instincts, a vigorous search and persistence. So in the past century a Russian Spaniel.

This long-haired dogs of small stature, stocky and strong build. Females have a height of up to 42 cm, males up to 44 cm at the withers. These spaniels well-developed muscles, and the tail is thick at the base line. It docked at half the length.

The dog's coat soft, shiny, long and wavy. The color can be single color – red, black or brown. It is also found and two – tone color-brown-piebald, red piebald or black piebald.

This is a fun and friendly dog with a balanced character. A great companion and hunter.

Russian Spaniel gets along with any Pets. It often lead not as a hunting dog and as a pet. He is loyal, tireless and trainable.

The training of the Russian Spaniel

A decisive step in education a puppy are the first weeks and months of his life. Puppies in the childhood maximally receptive and eager to learn new things.

Initially the baby should be accustomed to the leash, the environment and family members. When these items are acquired, you can move on to studying other people, walking down the street and cars.

It is better to use the services of a professional instructor. Proper training will give you confidence that in the future the pet will not cause problems with behavior. Training Russian Spaniel obedience should be carried out with strict consistency and with love.

Dogs of this breed are very sensitive. So the commands you need to say in a calm voice. Terrible and hard tone Spaniel can be taken as a slap. If the puppy fails to do what you want, no need to compel and to punish. Punishment only alienates young dog from the owner and is not conducive to education.

Russian Spaniel is a hunting dog. Therefore, it is important to know the command "no". This command is also necessary in everyday life. So the dog you can call to order, to prohibit what it intends to do. The hunt is useful in that it will not allow the dog to frighten away game.

For training use feeding time. Puppy holding the bowl of food while saying the command, and allow you to come to her only at the command "Take." He needs to quickly understand such a simple command.

The "Sit" command is also one of the simple. With its help, the puppy will understand that performing some action, you can get refreshments. Need to say a command, pressing down on the rump of the dog. When she sits, he should get a treat and praise.

Later start learning the commands "Seek", "come" and "Give". They are required to hunt. The teaching principle is always the same - team action and encouragement. The owner must develop the dog has the necessary reflexes.

Russian spaniels are very diligent students, because they want to please their owner. They learn quickly and retain skills in their memory. Responsive handling and sequence the correct way to raise a friendly and obedient pet.
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