You will need
  • - the pedigree of the puppy's parents;
  • - dictionaries and encyclopedias.
If you purchased a purebred puppy, consult your breeder. You will be offered a letter or syllable to begin the name. According to the rules of the canine, the puppy's name carries the elements of the nicknames his father and mother. For example, if your father's animal name is Leon, you have to pick up the names with the letter L or syllables and even Leo. In the end it may be a strange structure like Leadinger or Leolady. To this composition is added a second name reflecting the name of the mother.
как стричь кокер-спаниеля
A lush name, written in puppy's card, does not negate the ability to name pet pet name. The same Leadsinger Mehr house can be called Gina. Spaniels are very intelligent, and the puppy will soon understand that all these words are related to it, and begin to respond.
назвать кокер спаниеля девочку
The name can be a reflection of the character of the pet. Spaniels are very active, constantly in motion love fun and walks. Choose a nickname, which celebrates these qualities. Smart, Jolly, Fun – these names were created for resilient spaniels.
воспитание спаниелей
Look at the pet. Perhaps the peculiarity of his appearance will tell you how to call it. Golden-red-haired Spaniel suitable nickname Goldy, Juice or Fanta. Black – Nigger, knight, Hell, or cherry. Such names are particularly English and American Cockerspaniels. Good and the names of the heroes of classical literature, as well as the usual human names adopted in English. Charles or bill, Magda or Jessica – like nicknames very fit funny cockers.
уход за розой мини микс
Russian spaniels can be called in a different style. Come Sakusei – traditional nicknames Russian hunting dogs. If you plan to walk with your pet hunting, such a name would be very welcome. Dogs fit the names of heroes, heroes of fairy tales. Flip through literary encyclopedias or dictionaries, they can learn a lot of interesting ideas.
как кормить щенка спаниеля от двух месяцев
By choosing the name, try to pronounce it several times. Listen to the sound. You will have to repeat this combination of letters repeatedly. Look at the reaction of the pet nickname if he cares, he is alive to respond to her. Don't forget to know the opinion of the household – the name of a pet should arrange for all family members.