To begin to profit from its sale, you need to have your own website or blog, the computer and the Internet and a little bit of time-filling content.

To increase attendance of your resource you will need some time and perhaps a small investment, but they will pay off multiple times if you do it wisely.

How much can you earn?

The profit depends on the traffic that passes through a resource or blog. The more attendance, the more profit. Two months after launch, you can earn about $ 50. The 50 $ at the initial stage it is advisable to invest on their own promotion. In the future, after 10-12 months you can get income about $ 3000!

How does it work?

For monetizing your online you need to register in Google or Yandex. Further, to use their services for the sale of advertising, such as Google AdSense and Yandex Direct (need to paste the source code on your website). If you use software or an online designer, there just need to click where it says "paste the source code.

After the launch of the site with the changes (that is, with ads from Google or Yandex) with it open, you can see a promotional offer of a service. Clicking on it takes charge of the reward.

If to work hard on the promotion of the resource, the average check per visitor will be about 1 RUB.

A little calculation: If a day is around 1,000 unique visitors, the revenue for the month to be 30 000 RUB Quite a good start. But this where not the greatest.

The most profitable earnings by selling places for advertising is the individual offer from the advertiser, or directly from the owner of the goods or services.

For this you need to carefully approach the creation of a thematic blog or information resource. It on niche sites it is possible to obtain such a proposal. For this there is a banner or sells the content to be visible to visitors.

In this offer you can earn $ 100 per month. Some resources sell advertising space for $ 1000 and above, and of course there are those to whom it is necessary and beneficial.

Quite simply, if to get into it. You only need to create a website and regularly fill it with unique content that will be interesting to future readers.