Advice 1: WOW where to learn horse riding

Develop your character to 20th level, the player gets a lot of advantages. One of them is the riding skill that allows you to move around the world on various vehicles. It turns out he doesn't automatically like normal skills, and studied at special coaches, which stand in various parts of Azeroth.
Riding skill in WoW
The players of the Alliance and Horde are trained to ride only friendly coaches. Some of them are neutral and trained all races. To riding skill character can coach their own faction or any other coach, with the faction which he pumped the reputation of "Exalted."

The first skill of riding allows you to move a transport with a speed increased by 60% of the speed of foot travel. The cost of studying is 4 gold, so take care of the necessary amount in the wallet. You can earn through auction, selling unnecessary things to a vendor or borrowed from friends on the game.

The second skill of riding increases movement speed to 100% and is obtained at level 40 character. At level 60 the player can learn how to fly, but this will require flying mounts and mechanisms.

If you play a paladin, you can not spend gold for the purchase of transport. At level 20 you will be able to learn from his martial steed, in appearance which will go perfectly with your class.

Teacher riding Alliance

Alun (fraction Ekster) is located in the capital Ekstere. You can find it on the street, to the right of the entrance, near the herd alekov coordinates (81; 52).

What Peresvet (fraction Gnomregan) stands on the North-East of the town of Kharanos, location DOON Morag, the coordinates (56; 46).

Jetsam (faction Darnassus) is located before the quarter of the Cenarion Enclave in the night elf capital of Darnassus. Coordinates (42; 33).

Mei Lin (faction Pandaren Tosui) is located in the Alliance capital of Stormwind at coordinates (67; 18). You can find it in the drop-off location padrinos, decided to join the Alliance.

Randall Hunter (faction Stormwind) is located on the North-East of the Sawmill East of the Valley locations in Elwynn Forest. The coordinates (84; 65).

Ultam Thunder horn (faction Ironforge) is on a Farm Antorino in locations DOON Morag coordinates (71; 48).

Teacher riding Horde

Velma Varnam (fraction of the Undercity) is located in the town of Brill, Tirisfal forest location, by coordinates (61; 51). You can find her near the stables to the left of the tavern.

Kar Singer of the Storm (faction Thunder bluff) is on the North of the Village of Bloodhoof in Mulgore location, at the coordinate (47; 58).

Kildar (faction Orgrimmar), located on the first Alley of Honor in the Horde capital of Orgrimmar, the coordinates (61; 34). You can find it by going in the direction of exit from the city and turn left after the auction. Teacher riding behind the coaches of the hunters.

Xar Ti (fraction Trolls Black Lance) can be found in the Village San gin in the South location of Durotar. The coordinates (55; 75).

Soft paws (the faction the Pandaren Gozzini) is located in the Alley of Honor, capital city of the Horde Orgrimmar. You can find it at coordinates (69; 40) near the auction in landing Pandaren decided to join the Horde.

Perekalin (faction Silvermoon city) is the location of Eversong Woods at the coordinates (61; 54). To find it, exit the capital Silvermoon city and take the path heading East.

Revie Podprugin (faction of the bilgewater Cartel) is located in the Horde capital of Orgrimmar at the coordinate (36; 87). You can find her in the valley of Spirits, goblins quartile.

Riding skill the Worgen

The Worgen by default, have accelerated skill of movement. This ability is racial, and when you activate it after level 20 your movement speed will be increased by 60%, and after level 40 - 100%.

Study also riding a Worgen can coach the night elves Cardama, and racial transport is bought also in Darnassus, the girl Astrid Longstocking preceeding quarter the Howling Oak at the coordinates (48; 22).

Advice 2 : How to play a paladin in WOW

Paladin - one of the most controversial and the most popular classes in World of Warcraft. Some players choose it for ideological reasons, as the most fierce and uncompromising fighter for the ideals of goodness, some because of the fairly simple style of game, and somebody just out of interest.
How to play a paladin in WOW
You will need
  • - a computer that meets the system requirements of WoW;
  • is a registered World of Warcraft account;
  • - the game client.
Choose your side and race. At the dawn of the game, the paladins were able to play only the representatives of the Alliance, however the Horde players too. The Alliance paladins can be:
- People
- Dwarves,
- Draenei.

The Horde the choice is smaller: only the blood Elves and the Tauren. Each race has its advantages, but the best bonus for battles against players in the General opinion is the ability of a Person. Dwarves skilled in handling hammers, and Draenei have increased accuracy of shots. As for the Horde, for the battle against players more fit the blood Elves that have the ability to interrupt the spells cast by opponents. The Tauren as increased health, it makes sense for tanks, and also have the ability to stun multiple enemies at the same time.
The paladin can perform all three roles: damage as a DD (Damage Dealer) in the thread "Retribution", to treat the allies (specialization "Light") and to take damage from monsters, protecting group, by choosing the specialization "Protection". At any time, specialization can change, but we must bear in mind that the armor and weapons that are ideally suited, for example, "Retribution", will be almost useless for "Light".
If you're gonna play alone, then the most convenient option is to choose the Retribution, at least while leveling. As a DD paladin perfectly performs tasks and destroy monsters, and the ability to wear heavy armor and heal makes the paladin threat even to enemies above his level. In the group of the same dungeon more willing to invite a paladin-tank or healer because DD usually lack in the game.
The paladin has the ability to impose permanent positive effects on all your group - blessings. Don't forget to follow them and change depending on the current situation and the group that your blessings do not overlap with the permanent effects other members of the group or RAID.

The unique ability of the paladin is Divine shield, which protects him from any damage or control within 8 seconds. If you need to save a group member from death, you may use the spell "hand of protection", which gives immunity to all physical attacks for 10 seconds.
The recovery time of the protective abilities of the "Divine shield and hand of protection" gaming standards long enough - 5 minutes, so use them only in the most extreme cases.
Useful advice
Gathering in a group dungeon, especially as a tank, try to study his map, to lead the group to a standstill.

Swing a tank or healer in dungeons faster than alone to perform the task, but to walk ten times in the same dungeon is boring. Assemble yourself a set of armor for "Retribution" and sometimes change specialization.
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