You will need
  • - cash rubles or another currency which the Bank operates;
  • - passport;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Contact the cash Department of the Bank, choose the one where the course is most beneficial. Specify whether the presence of the desired amount, give the teller your passport and the amount to exchange in rubles or another currency, if the Bank works with them (translation will be carried out through the rubles at the exchange rate). Sign the necessary papers, suggested by the cashier, will get cash dollars , and verify the correctness of the calculation.
If you have an account in USD you can Deposit it in rubles or another currency which the Bank operates, through its cashier. The conversion of one currency to another will be made at the Bank rate, which will inform the cashier. You are required to indicate their desire to fill up a dollar account you make another currency, give the cashier the money and passport, to check and sign necessary papers and to receive the document on making money and crediting them to the account.
In the presence of a credit card with ATM function of depositing money, insert the card into the device, enter PIN, select cash Deposit, and dollar bill, you want to fill up. Then insert money in cuproprotein or enter the amount from the keyboard, the cash put in an envelope and the insert in its intended hole. The money will also be transferred from one currency to another at the Bank rate. Please note that some ATMs can transfer money in the currency in which they are included. But while it may be available the option to transfer money between your accounts, including in different currencies.
If you have Internet banking log in and transfer from the ruble or any other account on the dollar by selecting the appropriate option and following the instructions of the interface.
For transfers between own accounts, including in different currencies, you can contact the passport to the Bank branch or call its call centre and inform about your desire to make the transfer from the account in rubles or other currencies to the dollar and the amount.
If you want to transfer money in the system "WebMoney" from their purse WMR to WMZ wallet (that is, from the ruble to the dollar), use the services of third-party exchangers. It is better to choose for this purpose is recommended by the system (the list is available to authorized users in the appropriate section). Select best and follow the prompts of the interface, click on request an additional authorization to complete the transfer. Usually you need to enter both number of purses in the appropriate fields, the amount of transfer and accept the fee for services of the exchange office.