Remember that each number in the grid indicates how many cells should be shaded in the column or row. Shaded cells needs, adhering to the order in rows from left to right and in columns from top to bottom.
Please note, if the string near the cages of one number, and it equals to the number of cells in the row, all the cells of crossword needs to be painted, the same applies to columns.
Start now to paint the columns in the column where there is one digit at a time, do not forget that it is necessary to paint the columns from top to bottom. Also cross out and put dots in places where there are first ones, it's just empty boxes and do not need to paint. Then looking at the second digits in the columns, begin to paint the necessary number of squares.
Let's see what happens with the numbers in the rows, if there are single digits, then color the squares from left to right. If the squares have been filled, the lines safely cross out the numbers that coincide with these squares.
Go to the top of the crossword puzzle, just in case, if the lower part is already solved. Follow exactly the same steps as in the bottom of the crossword, but do not forget to stick to the numbers, written in columns and rows.After simplified Japanese crossword solved, you can begin to solve the more difficult puzzles. That is Japanese crossword puzzles develop logical thinking and allow you to relax and enjoy the result.