Set a goal to grow spiritually, be prepared for the fact that a long way ahead, but the end justifies the means. You have to evolve from "ignorant person", which is the most important material goods, to "spiritually transformed personality." Thanks to the diligence and hard work you can become a person with a harmonious personality.
The first point which you should pay close attention to is self-knowledge. Try to determine your life path, understand what is important to you. After that proceed to self-development. Learn - what you need to achieve the goal. Only you will be able to develop themselves better than others. Reaching the seemingly necessary level of knowledge, continue to improve.
Love. Love is one of the important components that help people to develop spiritually. Is the driving force. Meditate – this will lead to harmony between body and soul. Study spiritual books – sacred texts, religious treatises, philosophical and psychological works. Be sure to read prayers, listen to harmonious music – it will set the soul in the desired fashion. Dance promotes spiritual development, allows the body to merge with nature.
Each person has his own path of spiritual development. Watch the world, the beauty of nature, try not to miss even the smallest detail. Be sincere, believe in yourself, tune in to the achievement of such high goals, and your diligence will be rewarded with a sense of peace and fulfillment in a deeper meaning of life.