From the number of preachers or priests select a person you trust. Before turning to that person with a request for spiritual guidance, watch him. See how his words match his actions. Perhaps this man will become not a priest, and a wise, inspiring you people.
Find out more about the biography of this person. How he came to his current position (he was a priest, a spiritual leader, a wise man). If this path seems correct, interesting, worthy of imitation - it will be another reason to ask about mentoring.
Ask this person questions about the meaning of human life, on his individual path. The answers may not correspond to your expectations. They may even upset you. But the main task of a spiritual mentor - not to delight the ear of the disciple, "sweet songs", and to tell him the Truth. So you should think about what kind of person you will be more useful as a spiritual mentor: leading a pleasant and soul-saving conversation, or a real spiritual warrior, able to break your habitual view of the world and deploy you to the Truth.
Ask that person whether he is ready to act as your spiritual mentor? The ritual "call to the teacher is necessary. This form of the establishment of relations "teacher-student" is practiced since ancient times in the East, when a person humbly asks the teacher to accept him as a disciple.
You need to discuss with the person you chose as mentor, whether he is ready to take on that responsibility and give you messages about life, analyzing your successes and failures on the path to "enlightenment", how would you for yourself or determined.