You will need
  • - plastic container with lid;
  • water;
  • - water filter;
  • - fridge.
Pour the water from under the tap, pass it through any ordinary filter. So removed the coarse fraction – rust, sand and other impurities.
Purified water pour into the container of food grade plastic. Capacity, be sure to close the lid.
Place the container in the freezer of the refrigerator for 8-10 hours, depending on the volume of water. To calculate the amount you need ahead of time – multiplying the number of family members by 1.5 (which is 1.5 liters of melt water per day to drink). In addition, it will not hurt to conduct a few experiments in order to ascertain the optimal time for freezing of water. At the right time you should get a block of ice in the middle, which will remain liquid.
Once the container is retrieved from the freezer, under the bottom of boiling water and remove the piece of ice. The core of it, as already mentioned, needs to remain liquid.
Pierce the crust of ice and pour the unfrozen liquid containing the harmful impurities. If water has time to freeze through the core blocks will be cloudy, yellowish. Your task is to melt this stuff under running hot water so that pure ice is left even a trace.
After that, leave a piece of ice to melt at room temperature. Do not have to wait until the end of the process – you can drink the water, gradually formed during the melting of the ice.