Advice 1: How to check the driver's license

Driver's license entitles its owner to control the vehicle. Currently in Russia are issued by law according to the European standard. The identity is made in the form of a plastic card (54x86 mm). A photo of the owner located on the left and on the right data. Namely, the permitted category, the number and series ID, surname, name and patronymic, place of residence, date and place of birth, signature of owner, date of issue and period of validity, the stamp of the issuing Department, traffic police, special notes.
How to check the driver's license
If you are planning to go to another country, to travel by rented or your own car, find out in advance whether your driving license is valid in a particular country.
You can contact the office of the traffic police, the international driver's license. To do this, prepare the same documents you used to get the national driving license and a valid driver"s license. Retake of exams in the preparation of international rights is not required. International driving license issued for 3 years, but this period shall not exceed the expiry of the national driver's license. They are only valid if the driver's national identity.
IDL decorated according to the standard International conventions of the UN and is composed in eight languages. They are presented in the form of booklet (148 by 105 mm), consisting of 8 white and 4 color pages and covers gray. For IDL specified the same data and national rights and further specified the country in which you were born.
Directly on the pages of the list of the countries in which the condition for driving the vehicle is the presence of international driver's identity.
All the data stored in the database, traffic police, and if necessary, you can contact the appropriate office for obtaining information in case of loss, theft, destruction, etc. of your identity.

Advice 2: How to check the color

Room colors – characteristics that are used to apply color to the text, background or other elements of blog posts, website or other resource. Although for most cases the use of colors you can use and name, each user must have a table with a numeric number or code color.
How to check the color
The main colorsused in the design of the blog, listed at the link under the article. Code color and its name are placed in columns in a table. Please note that the browser “Google Chrome” page is not displayed correctly.
The second link contains a more complete table. It also contains the name of colors in English, Russian and code colors.
Even more full color table names in the Russian language and HTML codes offers a service of system "Yandex". To use click on the third link. The top of the page adjust the amount of red, blue, green and other colors, scrolling the cursor in the appropriate fields.
Before the color number in the HTML code you must put the # sign (pound), equivalent to the symbol "№". Instead of the alphanumeric code you can use the English name of the color.
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