Advice 1: How to look like an international driving license

In order to move freely by car through the roads of foreign countries, you will need a driving license of international standard. New format for the right to drive the vehicle introduced in Russia in 2011.
New international driver's license
New international law (IDP) are issued in Russia since April 2011. If this time is not expired existing rights of the old sample to redesign them is not required. Get document division of traffic police at the place of residence.

Why do international driving permit?

Under the international Convention on road traffic, which was adopted in Vienna in 1968, to travel by car on the territories of European and many other countries is allowed without an IDP. The Convention was attended by 82 States, including all European countries. Subsequently this agreement was ratified by Mongolia, Kenya, Niger, South Korea, Seychelles. Formally, national law provide an opportunity to drive vehicles in those States, but in practice it is not implemented. For this reason, the tourist inevitably there are complaints from foreign traffic police. For example, in Italy, during the absence of the IDP will issue a fine for $ 300.

In addition, in many European and other countries have established the rule according to which the hire vehicle is only possible on presentation of a driving license of international standard. If you decided to bypass this obstacle and to travel on your own machine, then the visa the Embassy will request the IDP. So it's easier to get the desired ID, moreover, the procedure is simple and does not take much time.

How to look like an international driver's license?

The driver's license of the international sample is a small booklet size A6. It can be completed by hand or printed by using technical means. However, all information shall be entered only in Latin. You can use Arabic font. The front side of the card should contain the following information:

• date of issue;
• start and end date of the action;
• the subject of the Russian Federation, which were given rights and authority involved in their design;
• specify the number and series of the driver has Russian rights;
• need a round seal of the traffic police Department and the signature of the officer issuing IDP;

On the second sheet of books, with its back side, fit information about the limitations (if any) for the management of certain categories of vehicle. The inner side of the third sheet is used to specify information about the driver: name, surname, date and place of birth, where the prescribed or registered. On the same sheet with oval print put the boxes next to the permitted categories of vehicles. For those that are not allowed, in the right places to put the crosses.

When planning a trip to a foreign country should remember that the international driver's license in the countries-participants of the Geneva Convention of 1949 gives the right to drive the car only if the driver makes the police and their national rights. Knowledge of this rule will greatly facilitate movement within most European countries.

Advice 2: The look of the new driving license

From 1 April 2014, Russia issued a driver's license the new format. The changes affected the reverse side of the document that contains information about categories of rights.
The look of the new driving license


Not long ago, the traffic police initiated amendments to the law "On road safety". They considered insufficient the previously used category system of driving and complements her new, necessary for security purposes, categories and subcategories. In addition, it was decided to correct principles of training future road users and conduct validation activities. In this regard, there is a need to improve the document on the right to driving, and the interior Ministry did it. From April 2014, everyone who successfully completed the training courses, driving test, become owners of rights of the new sample.

What has changed?

The back side of the modified document comprises sixteen categories and subcategories identified in the framework of the amendments of the Ministry of interior. Innovation was the category M, is designed specifically for legal drive on mopeds and Quad bikes. To drive a moped now will need to have such rights, and give them only 16 years old.

Categories such as A, b, C, D, be, CE, DE, replenished categories, clarifying the power of the engine of the vehicle and its permissible maximum mass. A1 - designation of sub-category rights to control low-powered motorcycles, right B1 is designed for driving tricycles, and ATVs, C1 and C1E are the different categories of rights necessary to drivers of vehicles weighing 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes with a trailer and without, D1 and D1E - buses 9 to 16 seats with trailer and without it. In addition, a check mark appears, the pertinent law to the category of driving the tram and trolleybus: Tm and Tb.

The situation for the lover of cars with automatic transmission will be favorable. They will now have rights specific to their vehicle. They do not need to learn driving a car on "mechanics", as will be organized special courses of driving cars with automatic transmission. After graduating from these courses, the person will pass the test on the training machine with box "machine" and get the right category at.

International driving permit a new kind of

The new format will acquire rights and the international class. Looks such certificate in the form of a document, more like a strip of special paper. It is all in the case of rights, only it is done in other languages. The reforms touched international driving permit, enriching it with new categories and subcategories. As usual, in the international law category appears In the marked with Automatic transmission only.

To change rights do not have

All who have received the driving licence of the old type, not required to rush the change right. They can use the document until its expiration date. However, there are yet unsolved problem. Drivers of mopeds, previously driving the vehicle without a license now to drive legally impossible. But to obtain such rights of category M in the country nowhere, so in the absence of specialized training programs representatives of the traffic police to penalize no one.

Advice 3: How to restore driver's license

Driver"s license, or so-called "driver's license" is the document confirming the right to drive a vehicle. The loss of this identity, the driver is deprived of legal grounds for driving.
How to restore driver's license
The order of restoration of driver's license is regulated by clause 16 and clause 38 of the "Rules of delivery of promotion examinations and issue of driver's licenses". The traffic police ask for more or other than prescribed in these rules are not eligible.
In the recovery period of the permit is to lose the possibility of movement of the driving on your own and legitimately, you must get the timing right. Require a receipt for the issuance of temporary rights, then the traffic police at the place of residence to submit the application with a request to issue a provisional license due to the fact that the permanent ID is lost.
Then you spend a month waiting, because restore a driver's license on the basis of the law is possible only in a month. This time is given on the possible return of certificates.
During this time it would be appropriate to prepare a color photo that will be needed for new identity.
After this period, the Department of traffic police will write you a receipt for payment of the state duty for the issue of a new permit.
After payment receipt you provide to the Department of traffic police a statement on the restoration of the document, an explanatory note on the fact of loss, temporary ID, passport (or other document confirming identity, and in which there is a note of registration by place of residence) color photo size 3x4 cm, of the paid receipt, a certificate of medical Commission.
After delivery of all necessary documents for inspection, contact the inspector the date and time of issuing new identity.
As you can see, to restore a driving license is quite simple. But this implies a loss of personal time and some material costs. Therefore, refers to the documents should carefully and gently, so as not to be in a similar situation.
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