- Frequent diarrhea, constipation, crampy abdominal pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting, can be at worms, parasitic in the intestine;
- Yellowness of the skin, swelling, pain in the right hypochondrium can be at worms, parasitic in the liver;
- Prolonged cough, chronic rhinitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma can be due to worms, parasites in the lungs;
- Hives, small rashes, allergies of various etiology can also be due to worm infestation;
Headaches, memory disorder, movement and sensitivity could be due to the brain damage certain types of worms.
The main food of the parasites is food (sometimes the blood). And its adequate supply is the most favorable habitat and reproduction. Their consumption of nutrients leads to deficiency of essential nutrients in the human body. That is why the weight loss not related to diet or inadequate intake of food may be a sign of helminthiasis.
The waste products of parasites are quite toxic and can cause poisoning organism, which manifests itself in the form of digestive and nervous disorders. Irritability, apathy, sleep disturbance, constant dizziness, headaches, General malaise, muscle pain can also be due to systematic poisoning of the body.
Common reason for low hemoglobin is worm infestation – ascariasis. Roundworms belong to bloodsucking roundworms living in the small intestine. In addition, going through its development cycle, roundworms in the larval stage are able to affect the lungs and bronchial tubes.
Toxins produced by the parasites can accumulate in the tissues. Over time, this can lead to a change in the tissues, various seals and tumors that can later acquire malignant form. Scientific studies have established a direct link of cancer with the parasite in the body of the worms.
Treatment of helminthiasis is based on the laboratory and other diagnostic data. Some types of parasites require surgical treatment. Primary prevention of helminthiasis is aimed at observance of rules of personal hygiene, eating quality food and water, regular treatment and prevention of worms in Pets.