You will need
  • spanner 13 mm;
  • - wrench 10 mm;
  • - А95111 probe for measuring the valve clearance vases.
Getting started adjusting the valve clearance in the engine of the car VAZ 2107, it must be borne in mind that this work is carried out only when the motor is cold.
Prior to the direct adjustment of the gap rotate the engine crankshaft until the moment until the mark on the drive gear of the camshaft aligns with the mark on his body.
If you adhere to this terms shall be governed by the gaps of the eighth and sixth valves. With this aim, release the locknut of the adjusting bolt to the desired valve. Then, by inserting a feeler gauge between the rocker arm and camshaft lobe rotates the adjusting screw in the direction required for the normalization of the gap. During the adjustment, gradually moving the probe determines the degree of clamping between the camshaft lobe and the rocker. When the probe moves in the space with a slight load, twisting the adjusting screw is stopped, and a lock nut on it tighten. Then remove the dipstick and proceed to the adjustment of the gap following the valve.
When you are finished with the regulation 6 and 8 of the valves, the crankshaft of the engine rotates through 180°, providing the ability to adjust the following pairs of valves (in series: the fourth and the seventh, first and third, second and fifth), work with the same method described above.