It is best to choose a puppy in the summer or spring, to the beginning of the cold weather, he settled and strengthened. But before that it is important to properly equip his kennel. First, think carefully about where will be located the box, as the location is highly undesirable. The booth needs to be qualitatively built, not to represent just a small shed, hammered together from old and rotten boards. The kennel should be built with the expectation that in 6 months your puppy will be a big dog.
The box should be warm, dry and comfortable, then the process can accustom the puppy to her will go a lot faster. Try as often as possible to change the litter inside to not accumulate dampness. In the cold season, close the passage with a piece of thick fabric, such as canvas or cloth.
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For the first time in any case do not tie the puppy to a kennel – let him adjust to the new place. Let it be plenty to run around the yard to explore new unknown territory. If suddenly the weather turned bad, your puppy will instinctively seek shelter, and, certainly, will choose the prepared box. But this will happen only if the kennel will be equipped according to the rules. Otherwise to teach your puppy to wet and cold box will be extremely difficult.
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That is why the arrangement of the house for a puppy should be given as much attention, if you want to pet painlessly and quickly got used to a new life. Put in the kennel favorite toy puppy. When he enters the booth, feed it some delicacy. A bowl of food put near the booth, the dog is realized here in her place.
чем покрыть будку
After the puppy has settled in, try to briefly tie it to the box. At the same time try to be near a pet. You can gradually increase the time interval.
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