You will need
  • Plastic bottles, acrylic paint and varnish, white laces, a hole punch, felt, glue, scissors.
The stormtrooper costume is remarkable that it is almost completely white. Between glossy white trim appear black, and the head is crowned with a stormtrooper helmet, resembling a bucket. In the hands of a stormtrooper laser gun to protect the interests of the Empire.
Thus, it is clear that the costume consists of several layers. The bottom layer is a black tight-fitting clothes. Suitable tights and turtleneck. They should be thin and not wool - otherwise the baby will sweat and itch.
White lining can be made from plastic bottles. Cut them from the neck and the bottom so that they form tubes. Two such cylinder you will need on each hand and foot. Total for 8 bottles. Clean with sandpaper the edges so they don't hurt the baby and gave him discomfort while walking. Do punch holes in their back and inner sides, top and bottom of each bottle. Connect the bottle between the white lace. Make it desirable for the child to accurately measure the length of the drawstring so the baby can freely move.
Will have plenty of bottles in the two parts of the front and back. Between solder them with a candle or lighter. Also use the hole punch and white shoelace connect them with the rest of the details. Like it or not, but have for the child to wear white shorts over black tights to the stormtrooper costume was complete. To carve out this piece of plastic is not recommended - the baby is unlikely to be able to sit and walk in this hard and uncomfortable uniforms.
Cementing all the details, paint them with white acrylic paint and once dry, cover with gloss varnish for Shine. Will suit any white shoes such as sports shoes without symbols and emblems.
The stormtrooper costume is incomplete without a helmet. Of course, not very good to put on the head of the child bucket, so it is better to carve it out of dense fabric. For example, a suitable felt. Cut out a circle of radius a quarter of the coverage of the child's head and two trapezoid, the upper side which will be equal to half the circumference, and the lower part to slightly exceed the top. Sew all the details. From black felt cut out eyes and mouth triangles. Glue them to the piece of the helmet and cut small holes for eyes, nose and mouth.