Fold products in a bowl, use a special or glass. Can heat directly on the grates included in the kit, you still will not have to wash it manually, the device will do all the dirty work for you. In most models, the clean-up function incorporated in a special program, so no need to spend hours to wash walls and grates.
Put the timer. If you put food closer to the fan, that time put a little less will be enough for 3-5 minutes. On the lower tier food keep warm for a bit longer. If in the process of food storage they otmanli and crisp kind of lost, put them closer to the top of the device and turn it on for 10-15 minutes with the temperature regime 220. So not only do you warm up food, but will return it to its original appearance.
The passage of time, remove the products and place them on the plates. And aerogrill will include in the cleaning mode. This device it is impossible not to love, after all, to cook and to heat in it a pleasure. Meals does not need to interfere and make sure nothing burnt.