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In a double boiler turns out kind of flat and tasteless. I love good food, so baking for me is the best choice. I have up meat for six months. It is possible to cook without oil and excess fat. Put the chicken, meat or fish on the grill, they fry like on a griddle, but the extra fat down the drains. And if the vegetables simmer, turn out in the oven! Yummy!

Convection oven Delfa DHT-11 good quality at affordable price


Recently bought a convection oven Delfa DHT-11. I was lured by the price, but embarrassed quality. Decided to purchase. Cook it and potatoes, and chicken. All turns out very tasty and no fat, as it flows down the grid. In time all too pretty quickly. For me, this convection oven has become indispensable in the kitchen. The size of the device is small, about looks the size of the pan. When baking glows brightly in the evening in the kitchen as a lamp. In the management of the convection oven is very simple, is governed by two buttons.

Convection ovens


The convection oven is a modern universal remedy for cooking. It is so versatile, it can replace 10 different appliances in the kitchen. It can be prepared a variety of dishes, and within a short time.
As for me eating right in the first place, this instrument seemed necessary, he is able to cook food without oil and fat and the dishes in this are even tastier than conventional cooking in the microwave or on the stove. My purchase I was very happy with the grills I never idle I'm in it and bake, and cook, and warm, and the food does not lose all its beneficial properties...

Healthy substitutes for all!


I used to think that meat is something like a microwave for baking chicken. Now the most ridiculous. These are completely different things! Convection oven microwave oven does not like. He is capable of much more and the principle of operation is completely different. We all love to eat, but now it takes much less time and the food is delicious it turns out. I put the vegetables, cook meat, bake cakes, make soups. Especially like the pot dishes. Just like in the oven to make it!

Cooking in aerogrill


A year ago, had problems with health - I can not fatty, cooked in plenty of oil. In this regard, I decided to buy a halogen oven, as I read many positive reviews about it. My expectations were fulfilled, and now I'm eating my favorite diet breast grilled, not afraid to cause great harm. Even tried to dry it apples.



Finally bought myself a birthday aerogrill! Long dreamed about it! Several modes of roasting, drying function, convection, fryers, ovens. Our family loves grilled chicken. But sometimes I am afraid to take that hit in the store - who knows how long that chicken was laying before baking on the counter? And fresh meat, and I know that no one will get food poisoning.

Miracle grill


Since childhood, I've hated winter because in the snow on the outdoors for a barbecue don't make it, but now I finally got the grills and kebabs "always with you". When cooking, add liquid smoke and barbecue campfire taste indistinguishable. This miracle grill replaces my barely working gas oven and microwave oven, which has brought her grandmother as useless. Still there is no need to buy an electric dryer because you can dry the mushrooms, and any fruits and berries in the convection oven.



I think the convection oven is a great thing. He is its versatility - it can be steamed, stew, boil, broil, reheat,bake, drying, sterilizing. He will be able to replace a number of appliances in the kitchen: steamer, oven, bread maker, microwave oven and even the stove. Preparation is due to circulating inside the bulb hot air, so food does not stick.Using the cooking process you can not use butter, and then produce the most delicious and healthy meals.

No I can not do

Semenova, Alina Ivanovna

After reading and hearing all the reviews, I still bought. And realized as a flexible device, especially in the country. It and microwaved meals, and veggies with meat baked, even pies with strawberries baked. But the most valuable discovery was that in aerogrill can be sterilized preservation. No idea how it is easy and convenient. I recommend to everyone.