Advice 1: How to make honey lollipops

Honey lozenges soothe sore throat, delicious and healthy. As the normal candy that is made from sugar, honey candy made from boiled syrup. It hardens when cooled, maintaining the form that it took in the liquid state. Trade candy may seem like a daunting process, but to do this, just stir the syrup and to monitor the temperature.
How to make honey lollipops

For the novice pastry chef has a few tips to try.


To make honey lollipops, you'll need:


- pan;

- parchment or wax paper;

pot with thick walls;

- 200 g of sugar;

- 65 g of honey;

- 2 tablespoons of water;

- measuring Cup;

- wooden spoon;

- food thermometer;

- 2 teaspoons of lemon essence;

- scoop;

- Lollipop sticks.


1. Cover the pan with a layer of parchment or wax paper. Place baking sheet in a place where he will be on hand.

2. Put the honey, water and sugar in a saucepan. Put on the stove on medium heat. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly until all the sugar crystals dissolved.

3. Attach a food thermometer to the inner wall of the dish and increase the heat. Allow the mixture to boil, not stirring, and not touching the pan. Continue to boil until the temperature reaches 150-155°C. the Mixture should be transparent lemon yellow.

4. Remove the pan from the heat and pour the mixture in a heat proof measuring Cup or a ladle. Quickly add the lemon essence with a wooden spoon.

5. Put the hot balls of the mixture onto the prepared tray. Try to give them a more rounded shape, and that they were no more than 5 cm in diameter. Lay the sticks so that one end lay in the future candy. Screw the sticks to their end in the cooling syrup. So the Lollipop will not fall off the sticks when it will be there.

6. Let the lollipops cool for at least 30 minutes before removing them from the tray. Wrap each candy in wax paper or foil to store.

Advice 2: How to make candy out of sugar

All familiar from childhood caramel cock. But unlike the purchase to make at home without added preservatives and flavor enhancers. Such sweets can be prepared for a children's holiday. Or bright to decorate and give as treats, original gift for an adult. Get a close feeling of childish joy, construct your own lollipops.
How to make candy out of sugar
You will need
    • 300 g of sugar;
    • 100 g of water;
    • 2 tablespoons syrup from any jam;
    • vegetable oil without smell to lubricate;
    • a pinch of salt.
Before you start cooking you need to prepare candy molds, so as not to miss the moment of solidification. Good metal, but you can use small silicone molds for baking. You need to lightly lubricate each office with vegetable oil without smell. Set the molds aside.
Take the container for cooking. Better if it is cookware with a thick enough bottom. In any case, do not use enameled pots.
Stir in the sugar, a pinch of salt, pour in water, stir well and put on quiet fire.
On slow fire bring the mixture to a boil. Need to stir the syrup with a wooden spoon and prevent it from hitting the edges and the bottom of the pan.
Watch closely for change the color of the syrup. In finished form it must be from a Golden yellow to a light brown color.
Pour in the mixture of syrup from the jam (without fruit). Adding different kinds of jams, you can change the taste of the finished candy and color. The most attractive and delicious are the cherry and raspberry syrups. Candy would be bright and appetizing.
Slightly lift the spatula, as soon as the mixture starts to reach (after about 5-7 minutes after the start of cooking) drip the syrup on a plate. If the drop spreads, cooking need to continue, reduce the heat.
As soon as the drop will remain on the plate unchanged, turn off the fire. Let the mixture stand a minute or two. Now you can pour.
For the distribution of the molds it is better to use a ladle with a spout to pour the hot mixture. Carefully fill the ladle and pour into molds.
After two minutes, insert it into the center of each candy wooden skewers or toothpicks. You can use a plastic if the syrup is not very hot.
Allow the candy to harden. Remove from the forms, pack each in a plastic transparent film, tie with a ribbon. Ready.
Useful advice
In the core of candy, you can attach a nut to crack, but in the syrup, peppermint oil or a little lemon juice.

Candy is similar to toffee, if at the end of cooking, add a little butter.
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