Read the contract that you offers to sign you store. The contract will really make your life easier in the event of a dispute. Check out the information on the guarantee and service of furniture. Remember that according to the Law on protection of consumers ' rights in the event of product defects, the buyer may replace the product to another recalculation of the value. May insist on reducing the price, free elimination of defects in the product, reimbursement of costs and, finally, the return of the money. In this case, the return of sofaand its transportation to the warehouse by the law is carried out by forces and means of the seller. Subject to the rules of operation of all of these conditions are valid throughout the warranty period. If the contract warranty period is not prescribed in advance, the law says that all of the above conditions apply within two years from the date of delivery of the sofaand the buyer.
If you have already paid for the sofa and found a defect at home at the time of its transfer service, do not sign the document of acceptance of the furniture. Urgently notify about your claims of the seller.
If the deficiencies or the marriage was revealed only in the process operation, or the sofa did not fit in color, size or other parameters, according to the law, you have the right to demand the replacement sofaand the same, or demand a refund. To start, try to negotiate with the seller, you will apply your talent for diplomacy. If an agreement still failed to involve experts in peer review.
Write an application-claim indicating the deficiencies, remember that it should consider the employees of the storeand within 10 working days. Otherwise, you have the right to cancel the contract and demand the refund of the sofa.