You will need
  • A strip of durable material which holds its shape well, can be, in particular, to use strips of dense fabric. For a bow with a diameter of 10-12 cm of the desired belt length of about 3 m to tie a bow, to prepare a thin ribbon of the same material.
To start take out the tape roll by winding it, for example, into the hands of 7-12 times. The number of turns depends on the density of the tape: the better it holds its shape, the less they can be.
How to make a beautiful ribbon bow
Then, gently flatten the coil. Cut out the corners and connect the tape so that the cut corners had at its centre. In this place, tie a roll of thin ribbon.
How to make a beautiful ribbon bow
Finally, the most crucial point in turn pull the loop to the side, one after another, left and right, up and down, holding the ground in thin ribbons with your fingers. To gift bow can be attached to the same thin ribbon double-sided tape or glue.
How to make a beautiful ribbon bow